A visit to Fab India, Chennai

Last weekend we visited Fab India in Beseant Nagar, Chennai. The scene enacted there can`t be re-created, simply because I would have nothing to do with that shop ever again.

We got out of the shop – and it is an honor to get out of one – and looked around if we had been spotted coming out of the chic place. Call it progressive social behavior but in recent times we have started to love being spotted at posh/hep places (read costly). Unfortunately, this time around we weren`t.

“So we leave?” I asked Rekha.


“Is that a yes or a no?”

“We have spent close to three thousand on clothes alone. Don`t you want the others to know?” Rekha seemed to have made up her mind.

“I would love to be spotted, but we just can`t stand here waiting for familiar faces. Can we?” I was keen on leaving.

“If we can`t stand, let us walk.” The Oracle had spoken. There was no questioning the Oracle. By the way, what/who is an Oracle?

Though our car was parked just outside of Fab India, it was decided that we will carry our heavy brown colored Fab India bags on our walk. After 30 minutes of wading through the traffic and crowd, we decided to turn back. Looked like the handful of people we knew had decided to stay in. The other million was on the road to the beach.

Rekha didn`t speak to me on our way back. Perhaps, she was praying for God to send in a familiar face. Somebody from office, who would during a casual conversation the next day over coffee end up saying, “After I saw you coming out of Fab India, we went to …..” which would then be followed by the innocent sounding “Ohhh…so you shop in Fab India is it?” but meaning ‘ohh-you-sucker`.

We reached the car. Not a single soul we knew.

“So, do we leave?” I broke the silence.


“Is that a yes or a no?” I was getting impatient.

“Do you want to try the Dollar shop?” Rekha was pointing to the dollar shop right next to Fab India.

“What? Do you want to buy something?” I wanted to rule out window shopping.

“I don`t want to. But if we meet somebody there we could always say that we came to Fab India and thought of visiting the Dollar shop.”

As luck would have it, after spending another half hour looking at huge shampoo bottles with impending expiry dates we didn`t meet anybody. We beat a hasty retreat.

After keeping our brown Fab India bags in the backseat, I opened the door for Rekha. She got in. Even as I was walking around the car to get in, somebody knocked on Rekha`s window which she promptly rolled down.

I got into the car and whispered, “Finally, somebody you know.”

Rekha whispered back: “But I don`t know this lady.”

“Excuse me…can you guide me to Fab India please? I saw you carrying the Fab India bags….” 

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