Help Wanted: To buy Flip Mino

I have been thinking of buying a Flip Mino (Know more about Flip Mino here), but nobody ships them to India – including the manufacturer Pure Digital Technologies.

I am on the look out for somebody in the US of A, who trusts me and thus is willing to help me lay my hands on one Flip Mino. Just in case you didn`t know, Flip Mino is a revolutionary gadget that allows you to shoot videos, transfer them onto your desktop/laptop and share with your friends.

I want to buy a Flip Mino & a Flip tripod (Here are Amazon`s links to both the items: Flip Mino | Flip Tripod) and I need somebody in US of A to buy it for me. I can transfer the money to his/her Indian friend`s/relative`s account (don`t know if I will be able to transfer money to a foreign bank account!). Once bought, the buyer will be expected to courier it to me here. Let me know, if you can help or know somebody who can.

The total cost of these two items is $ 200 or Rs 8000 (approx).

What do you get:
I will credit & thank you personally in the first episode of the ‘Jammy`s Funny Video Show` that I am planning.

Interested? Mail me at jv.rajan@gmail.com

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