Gift a Laugh – Tell your friend about Ouchmytoe

We at ibibo always try to implement virals in all our products. While it helped us provide the best for the ibibo user, it has also helped us grow into one of India`s top social networking site.

This got me thinking…why haven`t I tried any of that on Ouchmytoe? So here it is – a quick viral, which, if you please, can increase the number of people who read Ouchmytoe.com.

Why should I introduce Ouchmytoe.com to my friends/relatives?

If you have been reading Ouchmytoe.com for a while now and feel the need to come daily, chances are your friends / relatives are going to love it to0. After all, laughter is an intense emotion which needs to be shared…gifted.

Here is the mail that goes out to the people you have invited:

Importing Contacts

Please use the Import function provided below to invite your friends / relatives to read Ouchmytoe.com.

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