Hair today, gone tomorrow

I am a few drinks of Vodka down and that`s good news. I can indulge in self-flagellation better when drunk. Didn`t someone famous….ironically I am not able to remember his name…once say: “Alcohol dulls the pain.”

Let me break the news – I am losing hair and that too very fast. So much so, when I get out of the bath I feel lighter. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that a lot of dirt accumulates over a week, but I wouldn`t know till I become a regular at bathing.

A few days back my six year old niece asked me if it was autumn.

“The whole of South India has only two seasons – the summer & the rainy. No autumn for you and me,” I replied.

“But the trees are shedding uncle,” she said even as she continued playing with the keys of her fake laptop. And then she locked it.

“Which tree are you talking about?” I asked, hoping to close the argument with one final sentence.

“You!” She playfully pointed at me.

“I am no tree. I am just losing my hair due to old age, if that`s what you are referring to.” I placed all my cards on the table.

Being my family member my niece couldn`t give up easily. It runs in the family.

“But uncle, Rekha aunty says you are as dense as a tree. Doesn`t that make you a tree?”

“When did Rekha aunty say that?” I didn`t know my wife was talking about me behind my back. On second thoughts, a wife talking behind her husband`s back is a good habit – the husband is not expected to understand & respond.

“She said this immediately after commenting on the strong bark that you have. She was talking of an instance when you scolded her and all.”

I didn`t probe the matter further.

The latter part of this article has been cut out because Wrongone, a regular patron feels it isn’t up to the mark.

Like I was saying, I am losing hair. This is completely new to my family. There are stories about my grandfather`s visits to the barber shop, which when told after a drink assumes immense importance.

Legend has it that the barber in our village used to charge him extra because he had to rent a lawn mower the day my grandpa wanted haircut. With no electricity in those days, the barber had to hire an assistant to rotate the lever which would keep the lawn mower in action. Even the schools nearby announced a day off because the teachers weren`t heard over the noise.

My father carried the same genes and hence ended up with real strong hair. When he joined the army and was posted in the India-Pakistan border, he would cut his hair only during heavy shelling. That way, the others weren`t disturbed.

Now, thanks to my hair-gel and experimentations with different shampoos, I have started losing hair. Wonder if it has to do with the 10 ml shampoo bottles I have been stealing from the hotel rooms I have been staying in, since Dec 7 (the day I joined Yahoo).

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By Jamshed V Rajan

Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at or message him at +919650080255.

21 replies on “Hair today, gone tomorrow”

wrongone: I have cut out part of the article which you didn’t like. I also had a feeling…guess the dip in quality is due to the tight schedule I am having at work

Saran: Are u in any way hinting at the L’Oreal Out of Bed Messed Up Look hair styling gel which I use?

Hi, hope you remember me… been a long time since i came here… new job and all the work presssure… read in Rekha’s blog that you are gona become a dad… and i guess it would be pretty soon…. CONGRATS…. be with Rekha (as you always are 🙂 )

Ranjhith: I hope you are not saying that I picked up the line from your blog. If you are blaming me…you might want press a case against me. I suggest it be a case of Kingfisher beer.

A: I do remember you…how could I forget the good old times…the days I spent wondering who you actually could be and what your real name was. How you doing? What is all this about a new job…dont tell me you quit the moment I changed my job?

Dad …yes I am going to become one! Lucky, ain’t I?

Ofcourse you are… parenting a child is the most loveliest thing…
Okay, chalo since u r at such a good stage, let me tell u my “real name” name is Deepti…and yeah, a part of news … me and EP finaly got married last month… i changed my job around may end….

Jammy, I also feel the same after trying out different products/brands for my hair. Some say that people tend to lose their hair when they are “think or worry too much”.. May be you are a “Great thinker”. Anyways..with different new products released every day will make the Gene factor fail. what say?

“Case” aa? Vayasaanalum un kurumbu innum pogalapa! >:O) Just kidding.

No, I’m not pressing any case of plagiarism on you. Just making you notice of the coincidence. Thats all.

Good that you could take some time for the commenters. Cheers.

A: I dont know about parenting a child…but parenting the mother when she is about to deliver a project (a kid)…is a nightmare. She almost becomes a kid in the process …something like Al Pachino becoming the character to play the character…

Maybe, Rekha is into method acting

Arvind: I am sorry but i disagree…I am not losing hair coz I am a great thinker. If that were so…Dr Abdul Kalam and Dr Manmohan Singh should have been bald!
Regarding the gene factor, will have to check with this friend called Wrangler.

Ranjhith: Am glad you appreciate me taking the time out and responding to ur comments. Mind you…the day my page views to my site go higher than 6 per day…I will stop posting my replies. 😉

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