Baby Rhea is changing the rules of the game

Now that Rhea (our baby) is seven months old, our rules don`t apply in the house. For example, Rekha and I had decided that the TV Remote won`t be used in any activity that involves saliva or urine. But now that our daughter has decided to take her own decisions…she alternates between giving a saliva bath or a urine bath to the TV Remote. So much so, yesterday we bought some surgical gloves to wear while changing the TV channels.

Rekha and I had also decided that we won`t be touching the marble floors ourselves and a maid would wipe it clean with water and Dettol every day. Now-a-days, this decision of ours is also not honored and our daughter of 7-months has taken the issue into her own hands – she licks them sparkling clean. Point to self – ask the landlord why he used the round marbles people play with…instead of the white, flat ones…one gets from Rajasthan!

As if that wasn`t enough…our decision that we wouldn`t touch the ants when alone has also been thrown out of the window. We had taken this decision on the day of our marriage when Rekha and I were alone, and an army of ants attacked us. We would later find out that the ants had been living under my bed-sheet for years…and they didn`t like Rekha moving in with me.

As I was saying, our daughter broke that rule as well and has now started diverting the ant traffic or scaring the shit out of them. I even heard one of the ants say something even as he (or she?) ran away towards the shelter…when translated from ant-ese to English it roughly meant: “Oh shucks! Run and save your lives….she is a giant!”

Will keep you updated on the rules Rhea keeps changing…till then, bless us!

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By Jamshed V Rajan

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