I am looking for a ‘birthday’ partner

Twenty sixth of April is my birthday and I will be alone in Gurgaon. My wife and daughter are in Kerala celebrating Vishu (the New Year in Kerala) and my only girl friend will be out of town. Since I didn`t want to spend my birthday alone & drinking, I asked my good friend Rahul Razdan: “Rahul, would it be a good idea to sell six hours of my time on my birth day on eBay?”

“What would you do and who would bid for your offer?” He was straight to the point.

“I am supposed to be a humor blogger. There has to be somebody who will be willing to pay at least 1 dollar to spend six hours with me,” I insisted.

“What if nobody wanted to spend time with you on your birthday? Wouldn`t you be depressed further?”

“I would create another eBay ID and bid for my own time. Then, me and my split-personality will dine together,” I said with a chuckle. But deep down, I was a little happy I didn`t post it on eBay.

Why leave familiar territory? So, here is an offer:

If you stay somewhere close by, and don`t mind spending time with a guy who can at least try to make you laugh…why don`t we meet up on 26th April, 2009? I promise to learn some new jokes & practice hard.

Since it is my birthday it is only natural that I bear all expenses as part of the treat. If you are interested, please mail me at jv.rajan@gmail.com with/without your contact number so that I can get in touch with you. You can also leave a comment with your email ID (and nobody besides me can see your mail ID). Alternatively, you can call me on 09971996581.

Disclaimer: If you aren`t in Gurgaon/Delhi and would like to fly in from some other city/country…let me tell you that that I can`t afford your air tickets. Would loveeeee the gesture, though.

Links to help you decide:

A funny take on myself | My Professional Profile | Googling my name gets you these results

Answering some doubts you might have…

**Obviously, gender is no bar
**I will let you know by Saturday morning (25th April) if we are going to have lunch together. The idea is to give you enough time.
**We will meet for lunch, perhaps. And extend it to dinner – you being the guest, you will get to decide if you want the dinner with me or not
**I stay in Gurgaon, so any place in Delhi, Gurgaon or Noida is fine with me (I am the typical male that doesn’t ask for directions!)
**We can also squeeze in a drive to some place or a movie together (up to you)
**I drink. But only if you decide to stay back for dinner. I never drink when there is light (what of somebody sees me?!)

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