How to get into a conversation with a girl

If you know the girl`s mobile number, getting into a conversation with her is easy. Just dial her number, tell her that you can calling in from the ICICI Bank`s credit card division and want to tell her about an interesting Gold card offer. If she buys your story she probably is dumb enough to buy your second story too – that buying you a dinner in the evening will prove her credit worthiness.

But what if she doesn`t have a mobile phone? You definitely can`t call her landline because it is most likely that the retired father of hers is sitting next to the landline leafing through a Times of India. What options does this give us? Look for another girl perhaps? And this is where life gets tough.

Way back in the 1995s – when today`s 32-year-olds like me were picking up conversations with girls, it used to be different. Back then, if one had a red Maruti 800 with “Heart Break Kid” written on the rear window…one had too many girls showing interest. “If only Maruti 800 was a bigger car,” I remember a rich friend of mine confessing.

Those with a bike got the not-so- pretty girls. People like me, who finished their college driving a second-hand TVS Champ…got the not-so-pretty girls too. Just that unlike the guys with bikes, we had to pay for every outing.

Once I had no money for petrol (though my TVS Champ gave me 80 kilometers per litre – which back then cost Rs 20 only) and was forced to go to college in a bus. It was then that I realized the possibilities of striking a conversation with a girl in the bus stop was higher.

If you are a bachelor and are looking out for a good girl (with loads of patience), strike a conversation with the girl who waits with you at the bus stop.

“So, which bus are you waiting for?” I inquired one warm morning.

“The bus with six wheels.” She responded.

By her reply itself, I knew she was from the Lady Doak College – a girl`s exclusive. For those that don`t know, in Madurai (Tamil Nadu) Lady Doak College is also known as LDC. ‘Love Developing Center`, some argue.

“Six wheels including the spare tyre?” I tried to continue the conversation.

The girl never spoke to me again. Even when I told her that the ‘six wheel bus had arrived.`

I learnt the best lesson that day – have intelligent opening lines if you have to strike a conversation with a girl. If you are a bachelor and are looking out…please rehearse some the opening lines given below:

1) “I think US should vacate Iraq at the earliest. What do you say?”

2) “Do you really think Rahul Gandhi is the Yuvraj Singh of the Congress?”

3) “With Twenty20 cricket matches gaining popularity, do you think the 50-overs matches will soon become extinct?”

Remember, the above questions will help you strike a conversation with only 80% of the girls. If you end up with the other 20%, try and make an honorable exit.

You could always try sites like ibibo Café, Facebook or Orkut. Besides, there are the personal advertisement sections (the ones in newspapers & Magazines)…where God-knows-why nobody is average looking. Everybody is tall, handsome and intelligent!

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