Ouchmytoe.com on Samachar.com

Ouchmytoe.com has come of age. Yesterday, the day India became independent, it got linked from www.samachar.com.

Samachar.com – a Sify property which is visited by millions of NRIs every month (approximately 50 million…am not too sure) has found Ouchmytoe.com good enough to be showcased from their site.

But why now?

In tune with the changing times, Samachar.com went in for a re-design and decided to include ‘Prominent` Blogs (if I can say that!) as one of the tabs. The Samachar philosophy is simple…get the best of links (of newspapers, magazines, websites) and showcase them on one single page – a sort of one-stop news solution.

Believe me…this is proof that you are reading the right stuff!

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By the way, have you checked out the Ouchmytoe Archives, yet?


  1. Jams,
    It became the right stuff coz we read it and not the other way round.(Gotta make sure that success doesn’t go to your head.)

  2. Jammy bhai,

    Not sure how much traffic you get from Samachar.com, you sure have referred much more back to them! Atleast this ignoramus did not know the existence of Samachar.com.

  3. ye kiska prachar ho raha hai yaha perr? ouch or samachar.com ka? just as someone said here not heard of such samachar site…

  4. Jammy,
    Is not the fact that u could have easily done this by calling it a favor from one of ur ex-colleagues?… What to do?.. My only learning from MBA is not to trust anything at first sight.. But to probe to find out the truth..

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