Humor in everyday life – a sample

You are going to read a Yahoo! Messenger conversation between a husband and wife. The husband works for an Internet major called and wife used to be with Cognizant Technology Solutions, till she decided to give up her career for a few babies (the couple were aiming for twins).

The conversation happens at 3.15 p.m. when the husband is in office. Talking of 3.15 pm…I am reminded of – have you checked it out yet? It is an awesome movement being planned by the people of Chennai.

Getting back to our conversation, here we go –

Rekha: hi…busy?

Pppumpkincarver: Nope. Tell me…

Rekha: Nothing…was getting bored at home

Pppumpkincarver: What is the baby doing…sleeping?

Rekha: She just proved herself to be a tough 7-months-old…crawled all the way from the small bedroom to the study. (Yes, the couple have a newly agreed upon study in their house)

Pppumpkincarver: On her own? Did she crawl like an army man in the war front? Or like a tiger in a jungle?

Rekha: Like a tigress…

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Pppumpkincarver: Wow…way to go. Wish I owned a circus.

Rekha: She was about to lick the CPU…

Pppumpkincarver: Daughter of two IT professionals has every right to lick the CPU.

Rekha: ha ha ha…I had to lift her…now typing with her in hand

Pppumpkincarver: We got to be careful. Need to plug all electrical sockets

Rekha: I suggest a shortcut – take up a house in Gurgaon with no power backup 😉

Pppumpkincarver: Agree.

Rekha: You know today she woke up from sleep

Pppumpkincarver: Wow…you speak like a true mother…anybody who sleeps wakes up…

Rekha: Hear me out…and she started crying…but the tough taskmaster that I am, I didn`t go near her

Rekha: I stood in the kitchen and kept on talking to her….and she followed my voice to the kitchen

Pppumpkincarver: That`s neat. Did your family shift from Calicut to Kannur after 1498 AD?

Rekha: Why do you ask?

Pppumpkincarver: Our daughter seems to have some traits of Vasco Da Gama.

Rekha: And what is the connection with the year?

Pppumpkincarver: That`s the year Vasco da Gama landed in Calicut.

Rekha: Yeah right!

Rekha: z tttbbvb k.ikmn n jkjv www

Rekha: E/RS

Rekha: SS

Pppumpkincarver: What was that? Are you swearing at me?

Pppumpkincarver: Or are they my daughter’s first Yahoo! Chat messages?

Rekha: YES

Pppumpkincarver: Did she type the “YES”?

Rekha: No…but she typed in the junk earlier.

Pppumpkincarver: Thank God she didn`t type “Yes”.

Rekha: But I thought “Yes” would have been a very positive start.

Pppumpkincarver: …coz I wanted her first meaningful, typed word to be


Pppumpkincarver: Who typed this?

Rekha: I made your baby type this…

Pppumpkincarver: Serious?

Rekha: Yes

Pppumpkincarver: How did she use the shift button for the “O”?

Rekha: It was obviously me…

Pppumpkincarver: That is awesome!

Pppumpkincarver: Now make her type: “My papa strongest!”

Rekha: n b ty tbb zzzzzzzzzz

Pppumpkincarver: In which language does that mean “My papa strongest?

Rekha: This is Rhinglish (Rhea+English+Hindi)

Pppumpkincarver: How soon before she can send me an e-mail?

Rekha: How about after her lunch?

Pppumpkincarver: ok 

Rekha: time for her food

Pppumpkincarver: sure…how many bytes is she having?

Rekha: 5KB…without optimization.

Pppumpkincarver: Good one. Bye.

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By Jamshed V Rajan

Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at or message him at +919650080255.

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I started using Yahoo! Messenger when I was 27 years old! For 2-3 years before that I was asking “A/S/L Please?” on Yahoo Chat rooms…named “Men looking for women”, “35+ Women,” “Single Women’s Joint” etc. Now…can you beat that?

boss, the only question i have from reading this post (and some others) is: you seem to make blogs even out of your conversations with your wife. how have you been able to save your marriage even after doing this?

RK…what if I have lied to you guys that I am married & my wifes name is Rekha…when I am not married at all? What if i am doing all this to keep the pretty girls away?

darnit- meant “with” not “on”. Its way too early in the day and my coffee sucks 😐

I am pretty sure you have conversations with wife and baby on all of us who comment anyways… 😉

Rads…people who leave comments here are discussed thread bare with Rekha. Thats why we call these types of comments threaded discussion!

As for the confusion on discussing “on or with”…I am fine with both as long as they are girls

By Sachidananda Murthy
Indra Nooyi’s daughter, finding it difficult to spend time with the world’s most powerful businesswoman, sent a mail requesting for one uninterrupted hour of her mother’s time. The CEO of PepsiCo obviously finds more time for her offspring, but the request, which she herself revealed, illustrated how work invades family space and time. The relentless pressure of the stockmarket and competition force modern-day CEOs to spend more time on work, away from their families. …. dont let this happen with you jammy haha…

Nice to see Rhea type out her first sentences on chat!!! Knowing her genes, she was prolly typing out a/s/l?? Of course, lesser mortals like us wud’nt understand her talk!! hehehe!!! or shud it be m (as in months)/s/l??

Lovely post!

As u have mentioned whether u are married or not, whether u are doing all this 2 keep the pretty girls away or not this post of a baby playing with a keyboard sounds so realistic and cute!!!

So Rhea has started her computer lessons eh???

this is a sweet one …………really ur writing is so addictive thougth i wud read one and get back to work but am reading and reading and rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
rhinglish hahahaha i have ” the ammu mail ” when my kiddo types sms to manoj my hubby ……………hahahaha

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