Humor in everyday life – a sample

You are going to read a Yahoo! Messenger conversation between a husband and wife. The husband works for an Internet major called www.ibibo.com and wife used to be with Cognizant Technology Solutions, till she decided to give up her career for a few babies (the couple were aiming for twins).

The conversation happens at 3.15 p.m. when the husband is in office. Talking of 3.15 pm…I am reminded of www.311pm.com – have you checked it out yet? It is an awesome movement being planned by the people of Chennai.

Getting back to our conversation, here we go –

Rekha: hi…busy?

Pppumpkincarver: Nope. Tell me…

Rekha: Nothing…was getting bored at home

Pppumpkincarver: What is the baby doing…sleeping?

Rekha: She just proved herself to be a tough 7-months-old…crawled all the way from the small bedroom to the study. (Yes, the couple have a newly agreed upon study in their house)

Pppumpkincarver: On her own? Did she crawl like an army man in the war front? Or like a tiger in a jungle?

Rekha: Like a tigress…

Click Here to read Ouchmytoe in a Feed ReaderPppumpkincarver: Wow…way to go. Wish I owned a circus.

Rekha: She was about to lick the CPU…

Pppumpkincarver: Daughter of two IT professionals has every right to lick the CPU.

Rekha: ha ha ha…I had to lift her…now typing with her in hand

Pppumpkincarver: We got to be careful. Need to plug all electrical sockets

Rekha: I suggest a shortcut – take up a house in Gurgaon with no power backup 😉

Pppumpkincarver: Agree.

Rekha: You know today she woke up from sleep

Pppumpkincarver: Wow…you speak like a true mother…anybody who sleeps wakes up…

Rekha: Hear me out…and she started crying…but the tough taskmaster that I am, I didn`t go near her

Rekha: I stood in the kitchen and kept on talking to her….and she followed my voice to the kitchen

Pppumpkincarver: That`s neat. Did your family shift from Calicut to Kannur after 1498 AD?

Rekha: Why do you ask?

Pppumpkincarver: Our daughter seems to have some traits of Vasco Da Gama.

Rekha: And what is the connection with the year?

Pppumpkincarver: That`s the year Vasco da Gama landed in Calicut.

Rekha: Yeah right!

Rekha: z tttbbvb k.ikmn n jkjv www

Rekha: E/RS

Rekha: SS

Pppumpkincarver: What was that? Are you swearing at me?

Pppumpkincarver: Or are they my daughter’s first Yahoo! Chat messages?

Rekha: YES

Pppumpkincarver: Did she type the “YES”?

Rekha: No…but she typed in the junk earlier.

Pppumpkincarver: Thank God she didn`t type “Yes”.

Rekha: But I thought “Yes” would have been a very positive start.

Pppumpkincarver: …coz I wanted her first meaningful, typed word to be www.ouchmytoe.com

Rekha: www.Ouchmytoe.com

Pppumpkincarver: Who typed this?

Rekha: I made your baby type this…

Pppumpkincarver: Serious?

Rekha: Yes

Pppumpkincarver: How did she use the shift button for the “O”?

Rekha: It was obviously me…

Pppumpkincarver: That is awesome!

Pppumpkincarver: Now make her type: “My papa strongest!”

Rekha: n b ty tbb zzzzzzzzzz

Pppumpkincarver: In which language does that mean “My papa strongest?

Rekha: This is Rhinglish (Rhea+English+Hindi)

Pppumpkincarver: How soon before she can send me an e-mail?

Rekha: How about after her lunch?

Pppumpkincarver: ok 

Rekha: ok..now time for her food

Pppumpkincarver: sure…how many bytes is she having?

Rekha: 5KB…without optimization.

Pppumpkincarver: Good one. Bye.

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