India vs Pakistan Cricket match

– Indian Prime Minister has invited Asif Zardari for India-Pakistan World Cup semifinal. Next they will invite Ashish Nehra and Kamran Akmal to watch the next Indo-Pak Foreign Secy meet.

– Zardari says he can’t reach for Mohali the India vs Pakistan World Cup semifinal in such short notice. Why doesn’t he speak to Kasab… he knows few shortcuts to reach India from Pakistan.

– Shahid Afridi: “Hum Sachin ko 100 nahin banaane denge.”
Misbah: “Lekin kaise?”
Afridi: “Hum 93 all out ho jaayenge.”

– Mohali mein hum itne chauke-chhake maarenge ki confuje ho jaaonge ki boundary pe khade ho ki border pe!

– Indo-Pak Dabangg II : Yuvraj to Afridi – Hum tumhari gendo pe itne chakke marenge ki confuse ho jaoge ke fielder ground ke andar lagaye ya bahar!

– Dabbang’s dialogue recreated by Dhoni: “Afridi aur Akhtar se darr nahi lagta saahab..Munaaf aur Nehra se lagta hai.” (Courtesy: Prats)

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By Jamshed V Rajan

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Other Dialoge for the India-Pak Match

SemiFinal Team: came frm grp A

Came frm grp B

jhund me to kutte aate h,
sher hamesha akela aata h.

Indo-Pak Dabangg III : Yuvraj to Afridi – Hum tumhari gendo pe itne chakke marenge ki confuse ho jaoge ke ball kahan dale aur fielding kahan set kare!

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