Top News: Jammie is taking RIAA to court

The online file sharing community is upbeat about a news item: “Jammie takes RIAA to court.”

No…the Jammie in question isn`t the owner of this blog and the RIAA in news isn`t his daughter. Since a good, old friend called Roshan Mani (who works for an IT company that makes soaps!) sent me the link…and since the coincidence was just too much, I thought we should carry a link to this news item. Jammie is taking RIAA to court


Sangeet who was recommended on Ouchmytoe left a ‘comment’ on the post recommending his blog. He says:

Dude, thanks for linking back to my blog. It was earlier read by a select group of my friends (~80) but now has a much wider audience (~500).

So, if you want to help a deserving, funny, blogger friend (woah! Too many adjectives) send me his/her blog url. And believe me, funny people always need help!


  1. it sounds like jammy taking rhea to school .. hehe

    i have given your url to all my cousins in gulf [ah..! each house in kerala has a person in gulf]

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