Lessons from road traffic

Being the back-seat driver comes easily to Rekha. She ‘comments` on my driving and gives me tips on avoiding the spots of bother that I could get into. Always I rubbish her comments and continue driving. As a result, we have had long, silent sessions where neither of us spoke.

Believe me. Such sessions are good for your personal life because it gives you time to think. Maybe even compare road traffic to actual life. Here are some thoughts –

Downfall is easy when are yet to prove your worth

Two-wheeler users are the ones who are yet to prove it to themselves and others their worth. Those in four wheelers have already proved their mettle and are now in a comfort zone. While riding a two-wheeler…one needs to ensure balance. Else the fall is bad. In a four-wheeler there is balance, and no falling. The lesson is…if you are yet to prove yourself, you need to be careful else you fall from grace quicker.

First mover advantage

Bill Gates is today the richest man because he was a first mover in his area of expertise and even though competition has kept coming at him for years, by sheer momentum he has managed to be up front. Same is the case with vehicles lined up at a signal. As soon as the signal goes green, the one in the front accelerates and manages to cross the next signal well before it shows red. The others, like you and me get caught in the red signal.

Troubles are a regular feature

Safe navigation of one traffic signal doesn`t entitle you a safe passage through the next signal. Same is with life. Just because you have just set right an issue doesn`t mean that you won`t get into trouble again. Troubles are a regular feature and on all occasions we need to come out of it safe and quick.

Beware of the powerful guys

If I were riding a cycle, I would stay clear of two-wheelers. If a two-wheeler, I would stay away from cars & vans on the roads. If I were driving a car, I would be shit-scared of trucks. Isn`t it exactly how it is in life? Some people are cycles, content with what they have and what they are. Some like two-wheelers throw around their weight to a limited audience. Those with little power – like the politicians – will have a selection of the population whom they rule and the other selection whose support they seek. In real life the trucks are ‘Kingmakers` of different kinds….they like whom they like. All others better be scared of them.

More powerful a person, bigger his troubles

Ever noticed the ease with which two-wheelers ease through the traffic? The smaller you are the more happy you are because you can have your way. Small issues don`t hold you back. While the bigges are being held back by small things like traffic jam, broken down auto etc….the smaller one can continue his/her journey.

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