Wish our real life had the benefits of online life

Very recently I was asked to give a brief introduction of myself. Instead of playing with facts I played with words which made the introduction a good read but wasn`t an exact representation of the Jammy that I knew.

The introduction started with this line: “Jammy, the internet lover, wants everything in the real World to be online as well.”

A week after that was written – I wondered how much fun it would be if…everything that was online…was in the real world too!

• If I hated my boss, I could just highlight him and delete him.
• If I wanted to enter a club which didn`t allow me inside, all I had to do was point my mouse on the club and click
• If I wanted to shift my job, no uploading of my resumes on Naukris of the World…I just needed to hit the Shift key
• If I knew my girl friend was dumping me, all I had to do was Right Click and Copy…when she was gone…just do a Paste. Bingo!
• If two girls were gossiping and I wanted to eavesdrop, I could just plug my earphones and increase the volume
• If I saw a pretty girl on the road, I could do a Print Screen and save her for later
• If I had a flat tire all I had to do was press F1 and get help
• If in a meeting, nobody was listening to my thoughts…I could put the CAPS Lock on and say whatever I wanted
• If I read the intensions of a girl at work wrong…I could always use the Backspace key and start afresh.

If you can think of anything better, please don`t shy from sharing it with the rest of the World.

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