Our daughter might marry the ice cream man

Our daughter Rhea has been steadily growing. And why not? She eats as many rotis as her 34 year old father. Though she keeps referring to her strength by saying “I am a strong girl” and her muscles by saying “See my muscles”….we feel she is also developing mentally – a trait rarely seen amongst the elders in our family. She is developing likes & dislikes. So much so, I suspect that if she had a Facebook account she would sue Mark Zuckerberg for NOT having a ‘Dislike` button on his website.

Eating ice-cream
Eating ice-cream

After reading this blog post don`t just rush to have sex (and beget a baby)….I have only written about the good things of being a parent. Being a piece of her mother`s, I find handling my daughter equally difficult but more about that later.

Anyway, as part of her growing process….Rhea has started loving ice creams. I am glad we live in an era when ice-creams can be bought anywhere, and stored in the house (in a refrigerator, of course). I shudder to think what would have happened if this father-daughter duo had lived when Roman emperors ruled the roost. In case you aren`t aware…allow me to update you. Back then only the Roman emperors could have ice creams. Primarily because only they had slaves, who could be sent to fetch snow from the mountain tops, which were then mixed with flavours to make ice creams.

I am also glad we didn`t live in the period of King of England, Charles I, for he being the selfish bugger that he was, offered his chief chef 500 pounds a year to keep his ice-cream recipe a secret from the rest of England. The King`s objective: Common folks shouldn`t be able to experience ice cream.

Don`t believe me? Try out the video below. My only complain with God is that…at this rate, I suspect that I might be giving her hand (when she is a pretty 25-year-old) in marriage to an ice cream man. Wonder which street this ice cream man would be servicing, and what brand he might be selling.

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