Some of the anniversaries I have to remember

As part of becoming a father, there are some anniversaries I have to keep in mind. While I have forgotten most, here are the ones I remember.

In this post, the dates have been changed so that nobody lands up in court after our kid becomes famous and claims to be his/her mother!

DD1/MM1/YY – First time we knew Rekha was pregnant.

DD2/MM1/YY – First time we went to the medical lab for our child

DD3/MM1/YY – First time we visited the gynecologist

DD4/MM2/YY – First time we had the ultra sound scan

DD5/MM2/YY – First time the three of us went to a movie

DD6/MM2/YY – First time the three of us went to a drive-in theatre

DD7/MM3/YY – First time the three of us traveled in a train

DD8/MM3/YY – First time the three of us visited Madurai

DD9/MM4/YY – First time the three of us went for a walk

DD10/MM4/YY – First time the three of us had ice-cream from a single cone

DD11/MM4/YY – First time we slept under the sky

DD12/MM5/YY – First time the three of us went to a marriage

DD13/MM5/YY – First time we went to ECR at 12 midnight

DD14/MM5/YY – First time we felt the baby kick from inside the stomach

Like how Kingfisher is the King of Good times, I now call Rekha the Queen of first times. For everything there is a β€˜first time`. So much so, the other day I called Rekha “beti” (in Hindi that means daughter) she relied:

“This is the first time you are calling me a beti, after I became pregnant.”

“Cool. Isn`t it?” When your wife is pregnant you have to act excited so that she is always in high spirits.

Just in case you haven`t already received Rekha`s mail which was dispatched to 5,439,87,902 friends all over the World, 13th of November shall hence forth be known as the day our baby first kicked Rekha in the stomach. Needless to say, Rekha is pretty kicked!

By Jamshed V Rajan

Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at or message him at +919650080255.

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what if its twins? then you will have to note – we four of them πŸ™‚ well i have a diary in which i have noted from the first day my fiance called me ;)till child came into our life and his daily first time pranks.. so raj you wanna son or daughter ?

I am weak in Maths and could not understand your date funda. I don’t know how excited you are. But I was never excited when I was born, in fact I did not celebrate my own birthday in initial few years, thereafter nobody cared, and I saved my money. The scene of a child holding a knife to CUT cake always scares me.
In case you plan to invite all your blog visitors to your party after few months, or send food packets through mail to the absentees, let me clarify my menu should not have Cakes & Chocolates.


wrongone: thanks buddy! What surprises me though is that you have been through this…and still want me to enjoy!

Mehak: Does being “a rocking dad” mean I will have to spend most of my time rocking our baby’s cradle? But seriously…thanks for the compliment. My father was a great kids I will just be following in his foot steps.

kausik: I got scolded for driving crazily before she got pregnant, after she got pregnant and I am sure i will cntinue to get scolded after we get into the family way for the third time as well. Regarding the hunt for manga (which in English means Mango), gone are those days when wives depended on their husbands for such small pleasures. Now-a-days they just go out and buy them. Good riddance.

Nina: We did have a preliminary scan and twins have been ruled out. I would have loved to have them, though Rekha tells me that they are double the trouble for the mother.
Rekha and I have been contemplating a diary for the last 2-3 months…yet to start.
And hey…I need a son. Rekha is pitching for a girl child so that she can dress her up. Apparently, a girl child has more dressing options…

Rajesh: of course buddy…she reads up all the comments. As of now she doesn’t owna blog where she writes about me…but the day isn’t very far.

Sunny: Long time huh? I can understand your weakness in math. I have the same kind of weakness with ladies.

Like you, I also wasn’t excited when I was born. IN fcat, I was so bored that i slept through the naming ceremony.

Agree with you…no Cakes & Chocolates for the virtual birthday party I am planning. But what do you suggest for the menu? Icons and hyperlinks?

srikanth k iyer: Do you actually what to now what actually happened which lead to the pregnancy? ha ha ha…

In accordance to your humorous blog the google ad sites which are displayed in your page are:
‘Victoria’s Pregnancy’
‘IBS Diarrhea Forum’
‘Next Generation Fertility’.

Ramadas: Talk of contextual advertisements! BTW, is Victoria’s Pregnency out? Because I thought it was still Victoria’s Secret.

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