Rekha’s farewell mail

For the last four years Rekha and I have been working from almost the same cubicle 😉 and now she is leaving. Bad. Very Bad. Here is her farewell mail. The backdrop to the mail, as can be expected, is movies..movies and more movies….

Hi all,

If movies did not have endings, today I would not be sending this farewell mail.

On 9th August, I am moving to SESL. A World far away from the celebrities, lights, camera and action…

Needless to say, I will miss the Entertainment site. The people. Definitely the Big Four of Editorial – Salim, R Venkatesh, K Venkatesh and Robin. Not to mention Cynthia and the countless meetings.

Four and a half years back, I joined Sify as a new face. I guess it’s time to move on to a new plot and a new location…

From being the Cast & Crew of Sify Entertainment, to being just a spectator is difficult. But maybe, this is just an interval…and as our beloved Arnie would say, “I will be back!”

Fine, in my case, “I’ll be around” 😉

Thanks & regards,


Wish you the very best Rekha!

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