Rekha’s photograph

A few of my fans were upset that I was being a MCP by only showcasing my photograph on this Blog. I really can’t carry Rekha’s photo in the top mast because if I do, I will start looking handsome! 

OK fine…I relent. Here is a photograph of my wife as can be seen in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. Why is her photograph showcased at the Metropolitan Museum of Art? That`s because I had taken that photograph (during our courtship days) and it had won an international photography award in 2003.

Thats Rekha for you at the Museum

If you want a photograph of yours to be included in Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection, Click Here.

By Jamshed V Rajan

Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at or message him at +919650080255.

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There r 3 pictures in the URL. One of our co-species and few fellow-species are staring each other at different angles. One was not amused rather turned back and try to see from close angles through her binacular a handsome young macho called Sunny is reluctantly giving his autographs to some hollywood stars. The co-species in the picture is wondered, who is its competitor?

Jimmy, wandering how I knew the story? I have seen it all from naxal-infected tribal jungles of orissa & andhra to Juhu beach. Though from the IInd class train compartment.

Hmmm..Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City hahahaha Dil bahlane ke liye khayal acchhha hain…Beware colgate / closeup might asked Rekha to do ads for their toothpaste… So Mr. Jammy how will you feel your wife turning to a model ?? I think your reply should be…. Dil bahlane ke liye khayal acchhha hain…


Seems even Google has admitted your timeless love for wifey.

You’re ranked No.1 for the term ‘Wife Archive’

Now don’t ask me why I was searching this term!

Hi Jammy …

This is a great blog template … Better than the rediffblog that I was following !!

Anyways … Thanks for feeding me with the laughs at the start of everyday … 😀

Anyways I can’t see the photo … Did Rekha ask you to take it out ! !?!??! Marriage in danger !?!?!

Mirror: I dont know either …how Rekha tolerates me. But I am sure she has some take away from this blog…otherwise she wouldn’t be as quite.

I wonder if I will end up like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – he created Sherlock Holmes who is today more popular than he himself is…

Sunny: I am also of the strong opinion that IInd class train compartment is the best way to travel. Though sometimes the toilet stink can kill a man with less blood sugar.

Looks like you are also like me. I am referring to the “A handsome young macho” you were talking about in your comment posted here.

If I were a hollywood stars I would also take your autograph. After all, one doesn’t get to meet a Gorilla that can sign its name, daily.

Besides, can stop addressing me as if I were your dog and call me by my original Pet name – Jammy.

BTW, where the hell is my collar?

Arun: Most welcome buddy. I am sure your Rekha akka is happy now… in fact she went about calling her whole family saying her photogaph has been published. The people that they are, they have already broken 101 coconuts in the nearby Guruvayurappan temple.

Rakesh Bhandari: Since you are only asking the question and you are only answering it…can I say you are like the Bomman Irani of Munnabhai MBBS?
Dil bahlane ke liye khayal acchhha hain…kyon?

Ramesh: Well, it does seem so. I tried “Wife Archive” and got my blog up front. Why would I ask you why you searched for the term? BTW, did you try “Husband Archives” – I come first here also!

Hariharan: Thanks buddy. We just shifted so you havn’t missed much. You are most welcome about the laughs…when you meet Rekha…you could thank her. The more she tortures me the more feed this blog gets.
Regarding Rekha’s picture…of course yes…her pic is there in this post. If you stealing a look from the office…probably flikr has been blocked.

Sunny: You are right…I should perhaps be happy tha you are calling me “Jimmy”. By the way, did you know what is why the ex-US-President Jimmy Carter is famous? Because, dogs are named after him…

Wrongone: Here is what they would be thinking –

“The caption below says her husband snapped the pic. You think he is mentally retarded? Why else would he make her look so beautiful?”

Mirror: thats because I have a new section called “By the Sidelines” and in this section I come up with short articles which needn’t be showcased on the Ouchmytoe home page…

You can see them on the right nav of the page. Good observation i should say…

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