Growing Up

Why I chose alcohol over music and how I am correcting myself

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While I was growing up we had an EC TV on which we would without fail watch Rangoli every Sunday. Exactly at 7 a.m. my mother would switch on the television so that the whole family can watch Rangoli and enjoy good old Bollywood melodies. Around the same time, my father would start his rant that it wasn’t a program to be aired at 7 am in the morning. His reasoning – it was too early to start drinking and build immunity towards music.

As you may have understood by now, I come from a family divided over music. And as luck would have it, I got more of my father’s genes and less of my mother’s – the love for alcohol explains this better than anything else.

Not that I hate music. I love it. I love the noise patterns music actually is. It is a unique and different noise. The noise patterns vary depending on who the composer was. Beethoven has his own patterns while AR Rahman has his own.

If only I didn’t get more of my father’s genes, I would have probably cultivated music as my addiction. Music is a great addition to have – it is invisible, it doesn’t smell and it doesn’t cost anything. on top of it, wives won’t have any problems if you were addicted to Music.

As of today, thanks to my father’s genes I have a liking for alcohol and sometimes women, sometimes money and sometimes fame. Funny, for these are all the addictions which force grown up men to wear tight pants, grow hair, pierce bodies and form music bands.

It is another thing that they start off with crazy names such as Def Leppard, The The, Mr Mister and !!! (yes, there is a band called !!! and mind you this band can’t be googled about. Give it a shot, if you will).

If I had started a band, it would have been called “Jammin with Jammy”

They say you are born with a sense for music or you aren’t. I intend to beat that – I have already started working on improving my music sense. As of now my favourite is the music played by ICICI Bank when they put me on hold. Second in line is Yanni’s music played at five star hotels – consistently boring, but pregnant with meaning.

One can’t really get a sense of music without learning a music instrument and that’s why after a good amount of research I have identified Piano as the instrument I am going to learn. I know typing so I expect to pick up piano faster. The only difference I noticed was that the keys on a Piano don’t have alphabets or numbers on them. How difficult can it be if you already know typing? Wait till I have learnt it.

If you leave a nice comment, you will be invited to my first performance.

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