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Ancient Indian mythology stories nobody wants you to know

Indian mythology stories or Hindu mythology stories – however you call them them are a rich source of spiritualism, entertainment and morals on how to live your life. You must have read these mythological epics as kids, as adults or watched them on television as mega serials. One thing which you could not have escaped is the discussion on weather these stories were true or were just stories.

I say, why bother. How does it matter if these mythological tales were true or not? They are awesome, and we love them.

In fact, lets go a step further and see if we can create our own mythological stories set in modern era. In this article you are going to read four mythology stories re-told in the modern era.

Indian Mythology Story 1: Why Ganesha has an elephant head

Ganesh used to be a happy go lucky teenager when one day Shiva and Parvati asked him to find his own apartment. At first Ganesha refused but when Shiva and Parvati insisted that they wanted to live a retired life and might even go on a around-the-world voyage on a Star Cruise package, he agreed. As a first step, Ganesha picked up his mobile and went thro’ his contacts – just in case you didn’t know Ganesha had always thought he wasn’t as handsome as Lord Shiva, his father. You can say that under the shadow of his over-achieving father he had grown up with a huge inferiority complex. In short, he was suffering from what we know as Abhishek Bachchan syndrome.

Maybe, that’s why he didn’t call up the more handsome of his college mates –Lord Rama & God Kubera. He called up his college-mate Hanuman, the monkey God, and asked him if they could share the room & its rent but Hanuman refused saying he needed some privacy because he was finally – after a few thousand years – getting into a meaningful relationship with a girl. With nowhere to go, Ganesha picked up his Samsonite trolley and got out of his parents house. He left his stake-board back in his parent’s house because he knew that the jungle wouldn’t be a good place to try it.

As he traveled through the jungle looking for a place to stay he met many brokers, but their broker fee was way too high for a jobless Ganesha to afford. He kept traveling through the jungle. That’s when he met Appu the elephant, a budding weight-lifter.

Appu and Ganesha became the best of friends and started to live together. During this time, Appu introduced Ganesha to the local beauty surgeon, who said he could help improve Ganesha’s looks. During the initial discussions the surgeon realized that Ganesha was in awe of Appu’s looks and goaded Ganesha to speak to Appu about being the donor.

Initially Appu refused, but when given the option of being etched in sporting history by becoming the mascot of the first Asian Games, he relented. He agreed on the condition that Ganesha will ensure that the Asian Games Committee approves him as the mascot.

Rest as they say is history. Appu died being a donor. Ganesha got his face lift & his confidence.

Ganesha lived up to his word by forcing Jawahar Lal Nehru to use Appu as the first mascot of the Asian Games which were held in 1982 in New Delhi.

Indian Mythology Story 2: Why Shiva has a snake around his neck

Shiva didn’t always have a snake around his neck. Just before he was married he had been dating a girl called Ganga. But as luck would have it, due to family pressure and due to immense wealth in Parvathi’s family Shiva agreed to tie the knot around Parvathi’s neck. Being the good lady that Ganga was she distanced herself from Shiva the moment she heard of his marriage with Parvathi.

After two years of marriage – once the honeymoon period was over – Shiva and Parvathi started having conflicts. Once in a while Parvathi would also go back to her house to be with her father, the mountain king Himavan. After every fight Shiva would feel lonely. On one such occasion he buzzed Ganga on Facebook and they started talking. Ganga was still unmarried and was working with Pepsico Inc in their mineral water bottle wing called Aquafina. Both Shiva and Ganga started spending a lot of time together on Facebook. The old love was re-kindled but both stayed away from saying it out in the open.

All went well till one day Shiva forgot to log off from his Mac Air and Parvathi saw Shiva’s chat transcripts with Ganga. This threw her in a rage. After an all-night argument Shiva apologized and said: “I will do anything that you say. I am really sorry that this happened.”

At this Parvathi handed Shiva a snake and said: “Well then, always wrap around this snake around your neck. His eyes will provide me a video feed and his ears will provide me an audio feed all the time.”

At first Shiva resisted because this meant the end of his privacy, but even the argument that snakes didn’t have any ears thus audio feed wasn’t possible didn’t cut any ice with Parvathi.

Thus it would be fair to say that the snake around Lord Shiva was the first version of CCTV ever installed.

Indian Mythology Story 3: Why Sherawali is always sitting on a Tiger

Sherawali had always been a confidant lady. And as happens with all confidant ladies, there were no men in her life. In case you didn’t know men want less and less troubles in life so they shy away from confident women. Needless to say, Sherawali didn’t really have a man in her life till she was well into her forties. The first man who came into her life was Narayan (Nardar in Tamil) who was so self obsessed with himself that he would keep chanting his own name “Narayana” “Narayana” wherever he went. Maybe it was this self-obsession that didn’t allow him to see Sherawali’s confidence and dislike it. After two years in the relationship he finally started having trouble with her confidence levels.

To bring down her confidence levels he hatched a plan. Narayan knew a hacker from one of the open source conferences he had attended. He called him up: “Whats up, man?”

“How you doing buddy?” The hacker replied. The hacker was really on a high, he had just hacked into Netflix servers.

“Need help. I am going to challenge my girl friend Sherawali to a game of Pictionaryand you have to hack into the online game’s servers and ensure that I win the game.”

“That’s easy. Just Whatsapp me the username with which you will be playing and your girlfriend’s ID as well.”

The deal was done. And the date for the challenge was fixed.

Not suspecting anything Sherawali picked up her One Plus 3T and logged into the Pictionary app. Narayan also did the same.

Sherawali asked: “So, what does the loser have to do?”

Narayan replied: “Simple. The loser has to apply Super Glue on their behind and sit on a tiger for 24 hours.”

Sherawali accepted the challenge, and thanks to the hacker lost it too.

Since that day, Sherawali has been sitting on the Tiger. The plan was to sit on a Tiger for only 24 hours but nobody has found a solution to Super Glue yet. Till this day, she continues to wait for that innovator.

Indian Mythology Story 4: Why Hanuman is Lord Rama’s most ardent follower

If you know your mythology you would know that as a child Hanuman thought the sun was a bright orange fruit and tried to swallow it. What the mythological stories don’t tell you is that when he tried to swallow the sun, he heard the cries of a girl. Needless to say, since the girl was sitting on the sun, she was hot. The child Hanuman fell for the hot girl immediately. He brought her down and nursed her back to health and like Kamalahassan falling in love with Sri Devi in the Bollywood movie Sadma, Hanuman also fell in love with this girl.

As they grew up, they grew to like each other as friends and never gave the relationship a name. Unfortunately, once the girl was beyond teenage years she started hating the monkey God.

“Who are you? Just a monkey, after all,” she said much to the disappointment of the monkey God.

That’s exactly the time when Lord Rama was passing through the jungle. Hanuman met him and showed him around the jungle. As is the tradition, while leaving Ram gifted his Sony A9 camera to the monkey God. Using this camera, Hanuman snapped a photo of his girl friend (when she wasn’t looking, of course) and pasted it on his chest. Good thing he discussed on which glue to use with Sherawali, else he would have also ended up using the Super Glue.

He then stage-managed the whole ripping of his heart drama and showed her photo within his chest. The girl fell for it hook, line & sinker.

Two days later, on a high of having finally attained his girlfriend he went to Lord Rama and ripped his chest to show Lord Rama’s photo inside.

Lord Rama said: “”Yeah right! Nice try! And he turned towards Laxman and said: “Laxman, why don’t you show Hanuman my latest iPhone 7 with 12 mega pixel wide-angle and telephoto cameras?”

Though Rama didn’t fall for Hanuman’s trick, by being the best servant Lord Rama ever had, Hanuman is trying to repay his debt to Ram.