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This Portland man expects to deliver a baby in six weeks

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Trystan Reese is a 34 years old transgender man who will be delivering his first child in less than six weeks. Together with his gay partner Biff Chaplow, they have a nice little family which continues to grow. In 2015, they were suddenly thrust into parenthood after winning a US court battle to save Chaplow’s niece and nephew from an abusive household. Today the two kids – Riley and Hailey – are excited about the fifth member of this modern family.

Trystan Reese, who transitioned about 15 years ago had lost a baby not so long ago. This time though he is confident of pulling the whole distance. Reese and his partner are excited about the fifth member of the family and their Instagram shows that.

Trystan Reese had always dreamt of having a baby and that’s why this Portland dad had stopped taking male sex hormone testosterone.

But not everybody seems to be happy for Trystan Reese and Biff Chaplow. Check out this funny and insensitive reaction to the gay couple having kids.

Watch Trystan Reese talk about being a man and being pregnant.

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