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Game of Thrones fans reaction to GOT season seven official trailer

Ever since the Game of Thrones season seven official trailer was released, the GOT fans have gone crazy. Using a two-minute trailer HBO has successfully hooked millions of Game of Thrones fans for the July 16 release of the seventh season. Lets now look at the Game of Thrones fans reaction to GOT season seven official trailer.

Like all good trailers, this one too raises more questions in the minds of the GOT fan, than answers. But isn’t that what we have started to expect from the GOT team? Just in case you haven’t watched the trailer, watch it below:

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Game of Thrones fans had been waiting for this trailer for long. In fact, some didn’t make it till the trailer arrived.

What made the long wait worth it is the quality and suspense in the trailer. The Game of Thrones fans have reacted as only they can react to the official GOT release.

The problem with trailers is that they make the waiting difficult. After having seen the amazing visuals, storyline, and dialogues of season seven of Game of Thrones, now the wait till July 16 seems difficult.

Talking of story line, we strongly recommend Independent’s shot-by-shot breakdown of the Game of Thrones trailer where they dissect 42 stills from the GOT trailer.

Game of Thrones fans are excited that Queen Cersei is getting her troops together for battle, and Jon Snow is preparing to wage his war in North. The best part though is that Daenerys and her dragons are making their way back to Westeros targeting the Iron throne.
There are rumors that in season seven Tyrion also gets a Dragon. We couldn’t confirm this though. 😉

If you had seen the trailer and had become happy…please be warned, that dragon in the trailer is not your mother-in-law. In case your father in law has still not killed her, she must be at her home.

For whatever reason, everyone doesn’t seem to be happy with Daenerys riding her Drogon into open warfare.

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In fact, Bruce Wayne of Batman fame has also shown his displeasure at the GOT trailer. He isn’t happy that his place as the King of the night is being taken over by Night’s King, first of the White Walkers.

Historians point out that this Game of Thrones season seven trailer is the first GOT trailer after Donald Trump has become the President of USA. So it has a ‘yuge’ significance. Especially because the fans believe that King Joffrey will grow up to be Donald Trump. Or let us just say Donald Trump is a grown up King Joffrey.

And then there are the non-believers who don’t understand the fun of Game of Thrones.

But who are we to worry? Knowing George RR Martin, all of the non-believers will soon be killed.