Lateral Thinking – 2

A man waved a cloth and another man died. Why?


Answer 1: The man waving the cloth was announcing the start of a duel. As soon as the cloth was waved, the fastest of them shot the other man down.

Answers which came out of all the comments the readers left:

Answer 2: The man waving the cloth was a station master and when he waved the cloth (a flag, if you insist on the right term) the train started and a man standing on the tracks died a gruesome death.

Answer 3: A man waving a piece of cloth was the signal for a firing squad to shoot down the man standing in front of them.

Answer 4: Here is the bullshit-est of all the answers. A man standing behind a matador in a bull ring waves a cloth and enrages the bull. The angry bull attacks the matador when he is not looking and kills him.

By Jamshed V Rajan

Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at or message him at +919650080255.

30 replies on “Lateral Thinking – 2”

the guy waving the cloth(a red cloth) was standing behind the unsuspecting man in a bull fighting ring…this dude standing behind waved the cloth at the bull…nd bam…the guy standing in front got killed by the bull….

weird..but hey..nythings possible in ur blogs!!

now wheres my prize? how much is it worth? do i get the paymnt in one shot or in small installments for the next 20 years? nd..can u gimme cash..i dont really appreciate paying income tax!! i can split the cash wid u 50:50…ur 50%, u can use it for sending ur little gal to school nd watnot….


i dont know yet of any bull which can speak…unless a bull tells me tat its blind, we shudnt take tat fact for granted..pls..and if a bull does speak and tells me its color blind, then thats bullshit!!!

nd tying the knot soon..I need the money..u pliss move outta this race…ill share 15% of the prize money wid u…jammy is gonna take 50% …remember!!

jammy, pls lemme know about the prize money..ill be sending you my account number….u can do a wire transfer!

huh!! gals are better in winning competitions?!!
wow..thas a new one…..tuk me a couple of mins to get off the floor since i wuz rolling on the floor laughing, and wipe a couple of tears(u get em if u laugh real hard!!)…

wat competitions again? girls win in them?

here here here….folks….i think this should open a totally new thread here….

are girls better at winning competitions?

what do u guys feel?

The waving of the cloth by the man indicated the hangman to flip the lever so that the criminal would be hanged till death !!!

gals are winners psg jee, better watch out,;) opps jammy must be wondering whats all this fuss on my blogs hahaha

Santosh: Unfortunately not…by the way do u know who remains after Gwalior Suitings and Bombay Dying? Only Vimal!

Probably heard this before – been around since the union days of Mumbai Mills

psg: Thats good imagination too. And I am referring to the prizes…

BTW…did you know that installments can also be read as I(n) Stall (Pay)ment!
I know…mine was quite a hard try to write a smart comment

Uma: ha ha ha…thats good. yeah…if my dirty towel was the cloth that got waved…a man was bound to die.

BTW, did I tell you that my towel died? It fell down from the clothes line and broke.

PSG: Thats some sense of humor mate,….calling it bullshit.

You definitely need the money if u tying the knot soon. You could get in touch with larsen and Toubro and build a wall around you. I am willing to fore go my 50% if u want to make it a 8 feet wall.

uma: i have a feeling u are treading a land mine here….

With Rekha still in Kerala with no internet access…I don’t think there will be much support for you here – except maybe from the lady readers.

I am gonna act like Switzerland here

PSG: Dont be sure of ur victory also. You might build an initial momentum…but eventually most girls win will you guy supporter’s hearts and leave u in the lurch. Never trust men in a war against women.

Tip: Recruit women in your army.

Sandeep: Thats the right answer! Just bang on…

Thought what I had in mind (and what the book mentioned) was a duel being started by a man waving a cloth and one guy getting shot.

nina: There…just when I was warning PSG that girls just might win, you come out in support of Uma.

To be honest I don’t really bother you guys using this to fight…just don’t spill any blood. (PS: and my number of comments increase!)

Its probably a station master waving the flag for the train. And the other guy was on the tracks..
Curious to know if this is the answer.
BTW, amazing blog!

Man 1: Jammy
Man 2: Some poor soul (SPS)

SPS: Hey!! I seem to have cut my finger!! Dammit!!
Jam: Don’t worry dude!! I know CPR!! (hahhaha!!). Tie this and your pain shall subside!!

*Starts waving hanky at SPS!! SPS faints the the odour emanating fromt he same and hits his head hard against a rock and dies!!!*

Jam: (Hema Malini style pose) Naheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeein!! uh?!!

the man was waving an indian tie…
two squirrels came down from a coconut tree and ate what they thot appeared to be as nuts..
the rest is history..


Here are some of the most Crankiest Thoughts flowing in my brain…..

The cloth (could be a socks) that the first guy was not washed for past fifty days and hence the other guy died of odour/bad smell.

Hope its not a guy waving a political flag at someone from opposite political party.

The cloth must have had the following text written on it “you have won a suprise contest and can spend a complete night with Himesh Reshmiya,Bappi da and their music”

The cloth contains photo of Greg Chappal and Rahul Dravid posing with the world cup.

The cloth has photo of Vivek Oberoi with Aishwaraya Rai married (message below states that Aish ditched abishek and marries vivek… Salman’s Watchman) and salman khan sees it.And you know the rest……

and finally…..

The cloth states “ sucks!” and I would have killed him.Just kidding!


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