Gyaan: The less we speak, the better

It has come to my notice – albeit a little late – that the less we speak, the better we are perceived to be. My mom has always been saying it…but since she could never give me an example, I didn`t trust her. Today, I have an example.

I can.

The above sentence is powerful and is loaded with meaning. If I said that to my boss, he is bound to give me a double promotion and an Exceeds Expectations ranking.

I can deliver

The above sentence dilutes the power that I feel when I say “I can.” By adding ‘deliver` I am adding a filter and the listener tends to think that I can only ‘deliver`. Whatever ‘deliver` means.

I can deliver pizza

Now, the power has been further diluted by two filters – ‘deliver` and ‘pizza`. “I can deliver” was definitely more powerful than “I can deliver pizza.”

I can deliver pizza for money

Now I am telling the listener exactly what I want him/her to listen…this is dangerous because I am leaving nothing to his/her imagination. In short, I am not making full use of my listener`s powers of imagination.

Moral of the Story: Speak less, start a blog and write more.

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