Video: Puehse Twins Skateboarding

The two kids you will see in the video are Tristan and Nic Puehse – fraternal twins born on December 8, 1997. They began skating just after their 6th birthday. Their natural athletic ability and toughness, combined with a “no-fear” attitude have made them serious competitors. More about them at www.skateboardingtwins.com

And no…this is not an advertisement. The video was exciting enough for Ouchmytoe.com.

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  1. Jammy.. I understand that you are not violating copyright norms as you are giving due credit and punctuate the post with disclaimers..and u also admit that you are running out of time, thanks to the yahooers.. i would rather wait for your original natkats, than cross references to youtube vids, and articles by other people.. no hassles if it is over and above the regular dose of jamblogs, but not as replacements…please let me know if you want me to talk to ur exboss at satyam so that we can get to read more Jammy stuff 🙂

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