Vishu Visit

Rekha and I are back from Vishu. It was amazing fun (Rekha is standing next to me even as I type this). Very shortly, we will be releasing a movie called ‘Vishu Visit`. Here are the details of the movie –

JV Rajan as son-in-law
Rekha Rajan as daughter
Chandrashekaran Nair as father-in-law
Shantha Chandrashekaran as mother-in-law
Achu and Pinky as neighboring relative-kids
Major Karunakaran (real-life uncle to Rekha) as 85-year-old retired Army Major, who adores the son-in-law

Settings: A 85 year old house in a gulf-money inflated settlement called Cherrukunnu, in Kannur District of Kerala. The house also has five mango trees, three guava trees, 15+ coconut trees and numerous other flora (and fauna like frogs, snakes, caterpillars, earthworms, my father-in-law etc).

Critical Acclaim: Rajan and Rekha compliment each other`s acting prowess in the movie. Rekha`s is floored by Rajan`s ability to get under the skin of the son-in-law character and act out the four days. So much so, the rest of the cast spent most of their time on the sets, adoring Rajan. Rekha in turn, has done her job pretty well. Rajan has been nominated for the Oscars in the ‘Best Actor` category while Rekha has been nominated in the ‘Supporting Actress` category.

The pre – interval story of this movie will be up on the blog by 6 p.m. IST

By Jamshed V Rajan

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