Why should you marry the girl you love?

I know most men have faced this dilemma. Should we marrying the girl we love or should we move on to greener pastures?

If you ask me, I would say…don`t get into a relationship…but if you have already committed the mistake…don`t stop…marry the girl you love. It makes economical, political, social, religious, civic and geographical sense.

If you didn`t marry your girl and she ends up marrying another gentleman… you are sure to get an invite. You would have to buy a present. Add the present`s cost to the transportation cost to the marriage hall… all build up…and I am sure it is bound to put you back by quite a sum. Inference: The best thing about marrying the girl we love is, it costs less.

Here is a conversation between a husband and wife married for two years –

Husband: Honey, pass me the toothbrush.

Wife: Get it yourself you idle man.

Husband: Did you say Idol?

Wife: Idle.

Husband: But before marriage you considered me your idol.

Wife. That was a mistake. But not my only mistake.

Husband: Now, what is this second mistake?

Wife: I always thought you could take control of any situation.

Husband: What about it now?

Wife: But after marriage, I have found that you are controlling and manipulative.

Husband: Well…you have changed too.

Wife: How so?

Husband: Earlier you said I take your breath away…

Wife: That`s true. But now you suffocate me.

Husband: Precisely. Before marriage, at dinners you would goad me to eat more. Now, you only give me a sandwich or some salad.

Wife: Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?

Husband: I have. But I don`t look fat.

Wife: Well…this is one of the many instances when we don`t agree.

Husband: Yes…before marriage we used to agree on everything.

Wife: That was like a dream….and now you have made it a dorm.

Husband: I am the same man, you didn`t believe you had found for yourself.

Wife: Now, I can`t believe I ended up with someone like you.

Wife: To add to all the injury…after marriage you have started fighting a lot. Earlier, you would be completely lost without me.

Husband: You are right….I should have stopped and asked for directions…maybe…I wouldn`t have landed in a mess.

This is the exact conversation most 2-year old couples will have on a Monday morning. The beauty is, they will have this conversation…every Monday…every week…every month…every year…till death does them part. This is THE reason why you should get married to the lady you love.

Besides, you don`t want to marry a girl you don`t love…and after two years when you go about buying a used car…you find her clothes in the back seat.

This holds good for girls too. After all, you wouldn`t want to marry a man who …after a few years …when asked if he married you for love says: “Yeah, I insist. I even checked the whole list the day before our marriage!”

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