Why should you marry the girl you love?

I know most men have faced this dilemma. Should we marrying the girl we love or should we move on to greener pastures?

If you ask me, I would say…don`t get into a relationship…but if you have already committed the mistake…don`t stop…marry the girl you love. It makes economical, political, social, religious, civic and geographical sense.

If you didn`t marry your girl and she ends up marrying another gentleman… you are sure to get an invite. You would have to buy a present. Add the present`s cost to the transportation cost to the marriage hall… all build up…and I am sure it is bound to put you back by quite a sum. Inference: The best thing about marrying the girl we love is, it costs less.

Here is a conversation between a husband and wife married for two years –

Husband: Honey, pass me the toothbrush.

Wife: Get it yourself you idle man.

Husband: Did you say Idol?

Wife: Idle.

Husband: But before marriage you considered me your idol.

Wife. That was a mistake. But not my only mistake.

Husband: Now, what is this second mistake?

Wife: I always thought you could take control of any situation.

Husband: What about it now?

Wife: But after marriage, I have found that you are controlling and manipulative.

Husband: Well…you have changed too.

Wife: How so?

Husband: Earlier you said I take your breath away…

Wife: That`s true. But now you suffocate me.

Husband: Precisely. Before marriage, at dinners you would goad me to eat more. Now, you only give me a sandwich or some salad.

Wife: Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?

Husband: I have. But I don`t look fat.

Wife: Well…this is one of the many instances when we don`t agree.

Husband: Yes…before marriage we used to agree on everything.

Wife: That was like a dream….and now you have made it a dorm.

Husband: I am the same man, you didn`t believe you had found for yourself.

Wife: Now, I can`t believe I ended up with someone like you.

Wife: To add to all the injury…after marriage you have started fighting a lot. Earlier, you would be completely lost without me.

Husband: You are right….I should have stopped and asked for directions…maybe…I wouldn`t have landed in a mess.

This is the exact conversation most 2-year old couples will have on a Monday morning. The beauty is, they will have this conversation…every Monday…every week…every month…every year…till death does them part. This is THE reason why you should get married to the lady you love.

Besides, you don`t want to marry a girl you don`t love…and after two years when you go about buying a used car…you find her clothes in the back seat.

This holds good for girls too. After all, you wouldn`t want to marry a man who …after a few years …when asked if he married you for love says: “Yeah, I insist. I even checked the whole list the day before our marriage!”

By Jamshed V Rajan

Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at jv.rajan@gmail.com or message him at +919650080255.

17 replies on “Why should you marry the girl you love?”

Well, I don’t agree. Though being a girl. I don’t know but it sounds ridiculaous. Ofcourse people should but not only to get in a fight.

This is the biggest piece of trash, waste of time, y-did-u-even-write–this article crap!! yuck…….i wanna puke…need to g…..

Thought provoking.Definitely the story narrated is true.Till you die, u moan on same ,but never departs.But question is were you both saembefore and after?If not,u r faking…Why u need a life where you only think about your so -called biggest mistake in life?

You are doing a good job keep it up. could you please send me more mail on some of the advantages of loving and the dangers related to falling in love.
Remain covered .l hope to soon read from you.

WTF…So you should marry a girl just because you do not want to see her with another one? Besides it cost less? That sounds ridiculous and true at the same time…I agree with Ugh waste of time here…

its nt true :O
we shd marry d grl whm we love 🙂
we cn understnd her she too cn to me bt if ur marry d another grl she dont know abt us & we too dont know,
its hrd too manage 😡

Everything doesn’t circle around money for everybody!
The conversation may be true of disagreement between husband and wife, it happens and needs to happen. Coz before marriage we see one side and after marriage we come to understand the other side. A couple who accepts each other’s goodness as well as accommodate their faults will find true love and companionship, I believe.
I think, Love never Fails…..our understanding of it does.
I will stop talking and try to implement it. First, I need to find a girl….lol.

One way or the other it seems tough. Who can win? Marry the girl of your dreams I used to think when I was young that I would find Mrs. Right in college settle down and live happily ever after, but after feeling lonesome for x number of years a person gets desparate maybe desparate enough to take the plunge, only to find it was the wrong thing. and subscribes to advice to the love lourne, oh dear what went wrong nothing went wrong you were just a victim of nature. Dog eat dog. If I only had more toys.
running up rediculous credit card bills getting calls from the creditor That grass hut on a tropical island is starting to look awfully nice.

What the fuck! You are piece of shit. I hate what you have written. I cannot imagine how very frustrated you are. How could you possibly say that you should marry a girl you love. Tell me idiot…. can you get love from a female you love for all 24 hours? This is simply ridiculous. Please please please stop writting such blog and let people live calmly. Show your useless talent somewhere else.

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