Wilbur Sargunaraj, the Superstar from Madurai

“Making the Common Extraordinary” is Wilbur Sargunaraj`s motto. And why not? After all, he is also from the same city as I am – Madurai, in Tamil Nadu.

I love music, esp if its traditional

Wilbur Sargunaraj is India`s first Youtube superstar – his video Love Marriage has already got close to 3 lakh views. This video has been shot in Madurai, among the farming women.

This is how Wilbur Sargunaraj describes himself in his website http://www.wilbur.asia:

Dance King, Performer, Drummer and Tamilian, Wilbur Sargunaraj is one of the most original musicians to grace the industry. His super hit song “Blog Song” is just one of the killer dance tunes that is having people across the globe begging for more music. Wilbur has created his own fresh and original style called Vocal Chanting which combines elements of his native India with super killer techno dance beats and bass that is super deep. If you like something fresh in the music industry- this is it!! Guaranteed!

Check out some of Wilbur Sargunaraj`s unintentionally funny (or they intentionally funny?) videos – laughter guaranteed.

Wilbur Sargunaraj`s Love Marriage video

Wilbur Sargunaraj`s Please Check My Blog Video

Wilbur Sargunaraj teaches Bhangra to the Canadians video

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