Seva Cafe – Hats off

Like me, my father has also been a story teller. When young, he told me a story about how one day, somebody told him about a restaurant where one could just eat and get out without paying. Apparently, the restaurant owner would take down your name and address and get the bill amount from your grandson, even if it means waiting for years. Hard of cash, my father visited restaurant, had a full meal and got up to leave. At the exit, a gentleman thrust a bill for Rs 200/- into his face. When an indignant father questioned the authorities, they said: “The least you could do is, pay for your grandfather`s bill!”
Today, the situation isn`t that bad. Seva Café in Ahmedabad is a true and successful experiment where the customer doesn`t pay for himself but for the customer who is going to walk in next. More here  

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