And then I made it to the papers

At the peak of the Blog Ban saga, I had a got a call from a pretty girl called Ranjitha Gunasekaran of Indian Express. I know she must be pretty because most of them somehow find a way to get in touch with me.

The day was July 17 and she was calling to pick my brains about the ban. It felt good to get a call from the newspaper where I had started my career way back in 1999…and went to on to put in 18 months of meritorious service.

For long I wondered who would have turned Judas against me? Who would have told Ranjitha that I am into giving quotes? Apparently it was Aishwarya Rai…oops Rao, who maintains this blog – http://aishwaryarao.blogspot.com.

The article made it to print and you can see it here.

Sincere thanks to Kartik Kannan of Sulekha for scanning the newspaper.

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