Types of people you see inside elevators/lifts

We all spend at least five minutes everyday traveling the lifts. If you are a lift operator you probably spend more than eight hours inside the lifts….but since we didn’t expect you to understand English and be reading blogs on the internet, this blog post doesn’t cater to your interest. Folks working on 30 plus […]

Jokes on Kate Middleton & Prince Williams’ Royal wedding

Before the Royal Wedding #Know why the Americans will love the Royal Wedding? Because they don’t have Royalty and the closest they can come to a Royal wedding will be when Larry King marries Queen Latifa! (Said by Jay Leno) #Prince Charles is over the moon at the news of Prince Williams engagement. He said […]

Fart Football

Did you know that government Malawi is thinking of passing a bill that will make farting a crime? Also did you know that ‘Whoopee cushion’ is a device made to emulate the sounds of fart. And to think that the device was invented in the early 20th century…surely makes us believe that sense of humor […]