Blog reader gets her fifth Happy Birthday post

[This is a quick, late night post. Remember, I warned you!] People who grew up reading ‘The Hindu` will remember a Tennis writer called Nirmal Shekar. He once, while describing one of the many Leander Paes` wins in Davis Cup wrote: “When miracles happen too often, they cease to be miracles.” Very profound, I thought. […]

Surviving an economic crisis or depression

India has recorded a GDP Growth of 7.9 per cent – proof that we Indians have managed the economic crisis/recession a lot better than others. Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi has offered Dubai a bailout plan of 10 billion U.S. dollars…which means my Malayali wife`s relatives won`t be coming back from Dubai, jobless. In short, the biggest […]

Email exchanges between five consenting, cheating adults

This blog post has been inspired by a book called ‘E` written by Matt Beaumont, a talented writer. The book is set in an Ad Agency called Miller Shanks in London and is written as a series of mails. Just mails exchanged between the colleagues and nothing else. So, here is my attempt in copying […]