Now I have a “Study” of my own

In fiction books read as a kid everybody had a ‘study` – a room full of books and a single rocking chair. From PG Wodehouse`s Bertie Wooster to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle`s Sherlock Holmes…they all had studies of their own.

That`s why when Rekha announced that we had a spare room in our 3-bedroom house …I jumped up and said, “I want that converted into a study.”

In the next 10 minutes, we made a list of thing the spare room should have to qualify as a study:

  • Desktop
  • Printer & Scanner
  • Rocking Chair
  • Beanbag
  • Books
  • More Books

    After five hours of planning and discussing…we took the strategic decision of moving a bean bag inside the spare room and converting it into a study. If you are looking to have a study of your own, be prepared for an unnerving experience.

    Once inside the study, I stared at the walls for half hour. I picked up some books, and leafed through them…but in no time I was bored. I didn`t open the door and walked out to play with my daughter because I knew Bertie Wooster and Sherlock Holmes wouldn`t do the same (Probably because they never had kids).

    I stayed inside.

    Listed below are some of my thoughts while staring at a blank, badly painted wall…

    1) Is pen really mightier than a sword? If it is, it better be a really huge pen. Or better still, why don`t you keep the mightier weapon while I use the less mighty one when it comes to a duel?

    2) If I live each day as my last…won`t I be broke on the first day itself? The good thing is…I would be right at least once – on the last day. Also, if I live as if each day was my last…what about project deliverables in office?

    3) If I pick up early morning calls on my mobile and thus callers manage to wish me “Have a nice day,” all the pressure shifts to me. They put the onus on me to have a nice day. So, I have decided to pick up calls only after 12 noon. Now, what to do if they say: “Have a nice evening”?

    4) Why do people die in alphabetical order? I was going through the obituary section of Times of India`s and BELIEVE ME they die in alphabetical order. Wanted to confirm with the TOI`s Obituary section but don`t have a phone inside the study. Note to self: Steal a phone

    5) Touch wood, but I don`t have much domestic problems now. The day I do…I will start wearing tighter shoes and/or tighter jeans…both way I will have so much to think about the whole day that I wouldn`t even think of my domestic problems. Talking of shoes, if you want your shoes to last longer…take long steps.

    The above pointers are proof that sitting in a study can be dangerous for the mind especially…if one is staring at a white, badly painted wall. One might end up becoming quite a character – like Bertie Wooster or Sherlock Holmes.

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  • By Jamshed V Rajan

    Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at or message him at +919650080255.

    11 replies on “Now I have a “Study” of my own”

    I wonder if the whole point of this blog (apart from the fact that it was hilarious esp point 4) was to tell us readers that u have and can afford a 3 bedroom apartment 😉

    George, you got that one right…with this blog post i wanted you all to know that i have rented a 3 bedroom apartment in Gurgaon. BTW…I don’t think I told you about the three washrooms (one for the maid), three closets (one for the maid), two wash basins, 1 kitchen with a sink, 18 electrical sockets, 8 taps (not including the maid’s because we don’t use that, three balcony…and one car park! Phew….go on now u can call me a show off….


    I think it’s Rekha’s plot to commit you to solitary confinement and before you can say “elementary”, you can expect the straitjacket too.

    PRG…perhaps you are right…but ain’t I the one that flirts with danger? if I weren’t…I wouldn’t have begun the whole flirting business with Rekha and started the avalanche

    well, that second point was worth thinking for readers.. each day is last day… you put the things so neatly, its fun to read as well as worth to note.. so which logo is going to appear here raj…

    NK…i wish these were my thoughts…these are actually thoughts of other people which I have neatly packaged and put forward as my own…i hope thats not an issue with you.

    and yes…if we start living for today 9as everybody says) we would end up in a lot of trouble

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