Being a celebrity is difficult

Becoming one is impossible. Well, at least that`s what I thought till I came to know that a post titled How to: Behave like a Celebrity Blogger (dated 07, August 2007 and written by Adi Crazy) was inspired by me.

Apparently, Adi Crazy had been leaving comments on but wasn`t getting responses… because I was being kept busy at by my boss (My boss Arunava Sinha has translated Chowringhee by Sankar into English – can I call him a celebrity?).

Elders weren`t wrong when they said “Hell has no wrath like a woman scorned” for soon enough Adi Crazy wrote a scathing article on how certain bloggers (read Jammy) behave like celebrities but are worth nothing.

Thanks to Shiv, who is Chief Brutus of the blog titled You Too Brutus?!…I came to know of this secret today.

I don`t know if Adi Crazy will be reading this post because she has vowed to stay away from this blog…but if you are reading this…let me tell you that I am no celebrity.

In fact, I don`t want to be a celebrity because both advantage and disadvantage of being a celebrity are the same – people ‘can and will` identify you. For example, take what happened this Monday – I had gone out for a movie with a friend (who happens to be a girl) when a blog reader saw me while buying butter pop-corn and said: “Are you not Jammy?”

“Has Jammy stolen something?” I asked.

“No, he hasn`t.” He replied.

“Has Jammy murdered somebody?” I persisted.

“No, he hasn`t.” He replied.

“In that case, I would be Jammy.” I let out a sigh of relief.

During the next ten minutes I would realize that positioning my photograph on the blog wasn`t a great idea. I would have forgotten the theatre meeting if the blog reader hadn`t left a comment which was promptly seen by my wife. The comment read: “Nice to meet you in the theatre. Wish the interval was longer…I would have been able to speak to Mrs Rajan as well.”

When a woman says that she isn`t willing to reveal names…there generally is no need to mention names. I realized this when a neighbor of ours spotted me with a 27 year old and told my wife: “I don`t want to mention any names but I spotted somebody related to you with a pretty girl at the HUDA Market.” As my luck would have it, Rekha has no relatives in Gurgaon – in fact, her nearest relative is at least 2500 kilometers away!

Being a celebrity can sometimes backfire because not everybody bites the stardust. My colleague Sunandini for example, who when meeting me for the first time at ibibo remarked: “You look like a blogger I know. His name is Jammy.” Before I could respond, she winked at me and said: “No offense, mate!”

I didn`t have the heart to tell her that I was Jammy and introduced myself as Jamshed – a name which has come to stay.

Anyway, to come back to the point…once Shiv of told me about a soul that was upset because I acted like a celebrity blogger…I went to meet Adi Crazy in her office.

Adi Crazy was walking past me when she stopped and stared at me. Before I could introduce myself, she said: “You look exactly like a certain Jamshed V Rajan I know…whats your name?

I looked around and muttered: “Jamshed V Rajan.”

“Wow…what coincidence?!” I heard her say under her breath before she walked away.

PS: This post is dedicated to Shiv & Adi Crazy. As if they care…

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By Jamshed V Rajan

Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at or message him at +919650080255.

14 replies on “Being a celebrity is difficult”

lol@her parting shot! Well played 😉

Celebrity eh? Yes, thankfully, I know nothing of such hardships as rads – as my real self, just a bit maybe. Which I think I don’t mind so far. Being recognized is cool, I wouldn’t group it under “celebrity” status though.. Not by any long shot.

Rads..noway…i wouldn’t also classify it under celebrity status. But sometimes the expressions the blogger/non-blogger you meet suggest otherwise. They are as happy as Encounter specialist Daya Naik would be on seeing his 57th victim…

well i also had started having that feeling… oru celebrity gamma venittille … liked to do read your blogs first in office but not now on..

I think I overheard a guy ask the same question to the chimpanzee at the Chennai zoo – “Are you Jammie?” 🙂

Yeah Browser …I think I also heard that guy’s question. But before I could answer that yes I was Jammy…a bison in the next cage shouted: “Wait! I am gonna put this on’s comments section!”

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