Ouchmytoe Recommends: Best Spam mails ever

On August 24, Ouchmyte had a funny article on SPAM mails we find in our inboxes. We had gone on to define SPAM as ‘Somebody`s Patience Almost Murdered`.

Apparently, that`s not always true. Jason Kottke, who writes at www.kottke.org, has found some good SPAM mails as well. To view his collection of the best spam messages ever, click on the link given below –

Warning: Part of the content could be objectionable in a formal setting

The Link: Best spam mails ever


  1. Dear Jammy,

    Good ones(!!!)though I have been directing my sons to your blogs for some taste of creative writing(whatever that means). I don’t want them to be hooked for the wrong reasons.

  2. PRG: WIll be careful in future. BTW…i am yet send you the cheque for the kingly amount of Rs 500. 🙂

    WIll do so shortly. apologies for the delay. hope you wont ask the interest also to be included…

  3. one more thing i just noticed : Rekha – She is everything that i am not, arre aage bhi to likho… coming soon huva nahi kya abhi tak .. haha

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