Why are only women used to sell products?

I have always wondered why women are used to sell products, concepts & ideas. I mean, I am not against women making good money by smiling…but why should it always be women?

Amongst my girl friends (78% of whom have at some point or the other been my fianc̩es) there are two camps Рone that is happy that women adorn all the billboards and the other that is upset over it. I can`t really decide my favorite camp because 39% of my ex-fianc̩es belong to each.

It is not just the billboards. Even corporate websites use women to sell – take Airtel`s website for example.

I feel pathetic about the advertisers using women on billboards, websites and magazine covers. What about the men? What is it that women have and we don`t? Now…don`t answer that one!

Don`t we look handsome? Are there no men who can cause highway accidents?

Some companies – and they are very few – do believe in the power of men and place photographs of good looking men on their billboards, websites & magazines. Take this company called Ouchmytoe Inc – they have a nice looking guy on their website.

I had plans of writing the second part of the art of farting but read an article a few minutes back which made me swerve like a lady driver and write on this topic.

According to the article, a pub in Halifax, Canada offended the ladies when it carried a billboard saying “Our waitress uniforms were designed way back when ‘harass’ was two words”. I wonder if you got the pun on ‘harass` …if you didn`t why don`t you jump into a glass of water?

I wonder why the Halifax women found it offending…..was it because no woman was shown on the billboard?

Just for the heck of it, have added some of the funniest billboards featuring women in this post. They are not my photographs 😉

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