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Best Poonam Pandey stripping for cricket jokes

Poonam Pandey strips for cricket

Poonam Pandey, is an Indian legend for having motivated the Indian cricket team to ICC World Cup 2015 triumph in South Africa by promising to strip naked if the Indians won. The Indian model would go on and strip for a few more Indian cricketing victories, but this was her first.

This promise by Poonam Pandey to strip if the Indians won, got a lot of jokes going. Some are listed below:

# Now that India has won, who is the only male in India who is upset about Poonam Pandey stripping?
Answer: Her Boyfriend (her father gave up sometime during India-Sri Lanka’s second innings)

# Dhoni is having a tough time explaining to his wife that his final’s performance had got nothing to do with Poonam Pandey

# 2011 cricket world cup final was fixed. Poonam Pandey fixed it!

# Apparently after hitting the final shot Dhoni asked Yuvraj: “Do you see Poonam Pandey in the crowd?”

# Yuvraj & Dhoni say “We won it for Tendulkar.” Yeah right! We know it was for Poonam Pandey

# Afridi: “We lacked a Poonam Pandey!”

# Poonam Pandey has started it. She just removed her earrings.

# Poonam Pandey protested against her school uniform, because it was “too concealing”.

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