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Funny reactions to India’s loss to Sri Lanka in Champions Trophy

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After a convincing win over Pakistan only a few days back, last night India lost to Sri Lanka in their second Champions Trophy match. Even a score of 321 runs in 50 overs wasn’t enough to contain Sri Lanka who romped home with seven wickets to spare in the 49th over. Twitter has gone crazy over India’s loss. Check out the funny reactions to India’s loss to Sri Lanka in Champions Trophy.

Check out India vs Sri Lanka scorecard

As has become second nature with social media, poor Modi ji got pulled in here too.

Early indications suggest that Sri Lanka’s victory over India had more Pakistanis celebrating than Sri Lankans.

In fact, just too much of celebration in Pakistan.

India had left out spinner R Ashwin, who could have been effective against the stars of the night Kusal Mendis and Danushka Gunathilaka, both of whom are left-handers. Fans didn’t know why Kholi had made the blunder of not including Ashwin in playing XI. Thanks to this tweet, now we know.

Despite Kholi’s early loss, India still managed to score 321 runs, which is proof of a great batting line up. As for bowling, well….

Apparently, Obama and his team provided two minutes’ silence for India’s loss. Either that or they are listening to former FBI Director James Comey’s crusade against US President Donald Trump on the radio.

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And finally, what Sri Lanka thought of India’s over confidence.

As for the post-match analysis, there was the standard answer agreed on between the King of Indian cricket and the Prince.

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Best Poonam Pandey stripping for cricket jokes

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Poonam Pandey, is an Indian legend for having motivated the Indian cricket team to ICC World Cup 2015 triumph in South Africa by promising to strip naked if the Indians won. The Indian model would go on and strip for a few more Indian cricketing victories, but this was her first.

This promise by Poonam Pandey to strip if the Indians won, got a lot of jokes going. Some are listed below:

# Now that India has won, who is the only male in India who is upset about Poonam Pandey stripping?
Answer: Her Boyfriend (her father gave up sometime during India-Sri Lanka’s second innings)

# Dhoni is having a tough time explaining to his wife that his final’s performance had got nothing to do with Poonam Pandey

# 2011 cricket world cup final was fixed. Poonam Pandey fixed it!

# Apparently after hitting the final shot Dhoni asked Yuvraj: “Do you see Poonam Pandey in the crowd?”

# Yuvraj & Dhoni say “We won it for Tendulkar.” Yeah right! We know it was for Poonam Pandey

# Afridi: “We lacked a Poonam Pandey!”

# Poonam Pandey has started it. She just removed her earrings.

# Poonam Pandey protested against her school uniform, because it was “too concealing”.

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Funny Ashish Nehra Jokes

Funny Ashish Nehra Jokes
Image Source: Wikipedia

Ashish Nehra is a very good bowler, but he also has a knack of taking away the cricket game from his team’s grip in the very last over. Maybe that is why there are lots of funny Ashish Nehra jokes.

We have tried to compile some of them for you here:

Joke 1: Loving someone who does not love you is like batting when you need 37 runs in 6 balls. You know its impossible….but you still have a small hope that Ashish Nehra will bowl the last over

Joke 2: Mere dil mein hai jhakam itna gehra…
Mere dil mein hai jhakam itna gehra…
Jo, jeeti hui match hara de, wo hai Ashish Nehra…

Joke 3: Dabangg’s dialogue re-said by DHONI: “Afridi aur Akhtar se darr nahi lagta saahab Munaf aur Nehra se lagta hai.”

Joke 4: Indian fans to Team Pakistan: Doodh mangoge….chalo de denge…khud bana lena kheer. World cup mangoge…de denge Nehra…sir khujaate rehna phir…

Joke 5: Ab to har ghadi ye dil darega
Ab to har ghadi ye dil darega
Kya Pakistan k against last over Nehra karega?

Joke 6:
Dhoni’s MOTHER: Market se sabzi le aao.
Dhoni: Par Ma me kal match haar gaye na , to log bahut gusse me hain!
Maa: Meri sari pehenkar jao, koi nahi pehchanega Market mein
//Dhoni gaya//
One Gal: “hi dhoni” !
//Dhoni shocked//
“Kaise pehchana Gal?”
“Abe mein Nehra!”

Joke 7: The good thing when Nehra is bowling is that he’s not fielding… the bad thing when he is bowling is he is bowling!

Joke 8: Behind every successful batsman is Kamran Akmal. But in front of them is Ashish Nehra!

Joke 9: Couple silent in bed. Wife thinks. Why is he not talking to me? Is he thinking of another woman? Is he seeing someone? Don’t I appeal to him anymore? Are wrinkles showing on my face? Is he trying to dump me? Have I put on weight at the wrong places? Does my make up repel him these days. Is he upset with my nagging? Why? Husband thinks: Why in the hell did Dhoni give the last over to Nehra!