Bird watching

I envy ornithologist Salim Ali. People believed him when he said he was a bird watcher and spent his life time watching birds.

My parents never allowed me to do it. You are a bad boy, they would chide.

In my school days, my rakhi-sister Latha Jayashree would come in between the birds and me. I could not say no to her…and thus would bring down my binoculars.

In college, the birds were very rare. Guess, it had to do with the fact that my college had fewer trees than the Lady Doak college for ladies, next door. Don’t think it had anything to do with the fact that mine was a boys-only institution.

Now, that I am a professional, I have a Damocles sword hanging around. She is the girl, I might marry. Looks like I will never be able to bird watch in my life again.

If only I could see a big breasted, bed thrasher before I die….

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