Power Shift by Alvin Toffler

Amazing book. Close to five hundred pages and just 100 Indian rupees (at the old books store).

A proud me carried the book home, refusing the khaki cover the shopkeeper gave me to carry the book in. I was elated. I was about to read a guy, who could see future. I had been told he was also a member of some committee formed by Prez Bush for the governing of US.

Toffler is Tom Clancy and Issac Asimov rolled into one. Just that I had read Clancy and Asimov (Naked Sun) when in grade X.

I finish the 3-page first chapter on The End of Empire, and found it awesome. I call up a few friends, who like me pretend to be good-book-aficionados, and tell them about it. The pretenders they are, they feign excitement.

I come to office and tell Rajesh (my cricket-eating-breathing-drinking colleague) about the book.

“He is a stupid guy,” Rajesh starts off. He is pretty upset that I bought an Alvin Toffler. He says he has never come across a bigger pretender in life. Was he talking of Toffler or was it me?

Now, I am reading the second chapter God in white Coat and am not impressed. Am I impressionable?

By Jamshed V Rajan

Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at jv.rajan@gmail.com or message him at +919650080255.

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