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By Jamshed V Rajan

Delhi: This scribe did not expect somebody of the stature of Mr Vajpayee to come out against Sonia Gandhi`s nationality. But on second thoughts one wonders…maybe…just maybe the present Indian Prime Minster could be right.

I checked with Venkaiah Naidu, the BJP party President and he said: “Sonia has never spent a day without food, has never waited for a bus, has never tried to retrieve her dead relative’s body from the Govt. Hospital’s mortuary.” Wonder if he has undergone the above mentioned.

Sitting next to Naidu on the make-shift pandal was LK Advani (Lieutenant Kolnel Advani?). An indignant Advani said, “agreed there are no cases of communal riots against her, but she is dangerous to the social fabric.” I held back a ‘yeah right.`

When pointed out that she was neither a Hindu nor a Muslim by birth and thus would be better placed to solve the Ayodhya issue, he would say that Ayodhya had never been on BJP’s manifesto. Guess Advani would rather be Vajpayee’s deputy than be stripped of his portfolios and made to sit in the opposition.

Down south, Karunanidhi, who had till very recently been hobnobbing with BJP, all of a sudden has no problems with Sonia’s origin. “In fact, I asked her to wear a Saree with the `DMK pallu` but she refused,” he said.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu could not be traced. According to reliable sources, he was closet with his cabinet trying to Spam Sonia`s inbox. The source also added that the former airhostess` mail id was still_trying_to_be_PM@India.gone

By Jamshed V Rajan

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