Third, Free Birthday Post

How years fly by. Back then I was a dashing 30 year old, but now I am reduced to a weary 33-year-old man. Though dark complexioned, back then I was a heart throb amongst the dark skinned, relatively short Dravidians but now am caught in a vortex of tall, fair & handsome Aryans.

I am referring to an incident which happened in 2006 – a girl reader from Gurgaon mailed me saying January 31st was her birthday and she wanted an article dedicated to her. The confident girl hadn`t even sent her photograph, which would have helped me decide (We are suckers for profiles pics…aren`t we?). But the magnanimous I wrote an article titled A Birthday Post for Himani Sahni on January 31, 2006.

The problem with such high value birthday gifts is that, the receiver gets a taste of it. So on January 29, 2007 – exactly a year later – when I was struggling with the Cricket World Cup 2007`s special for Yahoo….I spotted a mail in my inbox and have given the text on the side in bigger font and darker color (just for emphasis):

It is my Birthday tomorrow and I would again like to request you to write something really hilarious and interesting…..I know I am being over demanding but wanna open my eyes with a big smile!

Not too sure about your work schedule….so if things are tough at your end and you are time stressed then pls feel free to reject the request. I would not mind:-)

Can somebody have the guts to place a second free request? Well, some people do.
Can somebody have the guts to refuse a second free request from girls? Well, some people don`t.

The disadvantage of being a descendant of Mahabharat`s Karna`s family is that you continue giving. So on January 31, 2007, I wrote another birthday article for this Gurgaon based girl and named it And then, one year flew by.

The second article did raise my wife`s suspicion. How could a married man dedicate two posts to the same girl? It didn`t matter that this girl was 2500 kilometers away – she stayed in Delhi and worked in Gurgaon and I was in Chennai!

Maybe that`s why when months later I told Rekha that we were moving to Gurgaon, she was like: “Huh? Anything to do with this Gurgaon friend of yours?”

Anyway, coming back to the issue at hand….today is January 31, 2008 and I haven`t yet got a mail from this Gurgaon girl asking for a blog post dedicated to her. Familiarity does breed contempt. Now don`t you go around shouting: “Familiarity also breeds children!”

Happy Birthday Friend!

Note: If you are a pretty girl (aged 22-30…what the hell… let me increase it to 35) and your birthday is fast approaching, please get in touch with me. You could get a free birthday post!

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