And then, one year flew by

This post is dedicated to an ardent reader Himani Sahni of Gurgaon who will be celebrating her birthday on January 31.

Last year, she had mailed me requesting a funny post as a birthday gift. I obliged. Today – one year later – she proved history and women to be similar by repeating her request. I have not added or subtracted anything from her mail, primarily because my math is bad. I haven`t even changed the spelling mistakes and wrong grammar.

– – – – X – – – –

Hi Jammy,

Hope you are doin gud…..

Its my Birthday tomorrow and I would again like to request you to write something really hilarous and interesting just for ME:-)…..I know I am being over demanding but wanna open my eyes with a big smile!!!!

What has a big smile got to do with the eyes? One can have a big smile and not open the eyes at all!

Not too sure about your work schedule…so if things are tough at your end and you are time stressed then pls feel free to reject the request
I would not mind:-)

I am really held up at work, but am writing this post because of the Rs 20/- you had attached to your mail

You really made my day last year, cant thank u enough for the same.

Is that why you left 45,982 comments in my blog the whole of last year?

God Bless u always!!

Thanks & Regards

– – – – X – – – –

On seeing the mail, I felt really good. How often do bloggers get mails from five years olds wanting to celebrate their birthday with a funny post? Not often.

Blame it on Rekha`s absence or plain excitement, I picked up my landline and dialed Himani`s number.

The caller tune was “Humpty, Dumpty sat on the cake, Humpty Dumpty didn`t get any to take” – a popular nursery rhyme they taught in DAV & Doon schools before Shiv Sena protested saying Hump and Dump were against our culture and needed to be banned.

Anyway, Himani picked up the phone. I was surprised, she didn`t sound like a five year old. I began to sweat profusely. I am not much of a lady`s man…and to top that I knew the tortoise and the butterfly joke I had practiced so well would fall flat. It worked well only for six years and below.

“Hi, this is Jammy here. You had mailed me.”

“Yeah, I had. So, when is the furniture coming?”

“Furniture?” I inquired. What was she talking about, I wondered.

“Aren`t you Tammy from Tammy & Tummy Furnitures?” She sounded concerned now.

“No. I am Jammy, your favorite blogger.”

“I am sorry, I go by urls. What`s yours?” She was demanding.

I couldn`t control my tears and lest she heard me choking over the phone, I cut the line.

– – – – –

Dear Himani,

My best wishes on your birthday. Even if this post ends up being your best birthday gift don`t worry. Even if the only thing you have gained this birthday is another year, don`t worry. For there was a birthday in my life when my father gifted me a BSA SLR, my mother gifted me an air pistol, my two sisters gave me two big Perk chocolates and I was looking forward to a evening birthday party at the house…but lost my way from school and couldn`t be found till the next day afternoon. I spent the night with two beggers.

On a serious note…research has shown that some people develop heartburn on their birthdays, primarily because of eating the birthday cake. If you really want to avoid the heartburn, I would suggest you remove the candles first.

I know this post is not as good as last year`s but neither are you growing any younger!

To read what I wrote on Himani’s 53rd birthday (which was last year), Click Here

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