A phone conversation with my girlfriend

Here is a phone conversation I had recently with my girl friend. No, it wasn`t with Rekha, my wife.

My girlfriend: Hi!
Me: Hey!

My girlfriend: I see a bit of sarcasm in your tone.
Me: Sarcasm? Why would I be sarcastic?

My girlfriend: How would I know? Ask yourself.
Me: But pray tell me, how can a “Hey” be sarcastic?

My girlfriend: You wouldn`t understand. Forget it.
Me: Aree…if you didn`t want me to think about it, why even mention it? Answer my question – how can a “Hi” be sarcastic?

My girlfriend: I donno. I no longer feel the same warmth in your tone.
Me: Is it because of the cold I have?

My girlfriend: See, you are being sarcastic again.
Me: Yes, this time….I agree.

My girlfriend: If you can agree now…why didn`t you agree earlier?
Me: I am not being sarcastic baby. Tell me what makes you think something is wrong.

My girlfriend: I don`t know. My heart says so.
Me: Your heart? I didn`t know hearts could speak!

My girlfriend: See…you are being sarcastic again!
Me: Yes, this time also….I agree.

My girlfriend: I feel things aren`t the same with us anymore.
Me: What makes you feel so?

My girlfriend: Your tone.
Me: Do you think gargling would help? It is this darn cold.

My girlfriend: I can see the sarcasm flowing again.
Me: Yes, this time also….I agree.

My girlfriend: You never used to raise your voice with me.
Me: But baby, we have known each other for two years now. Even married couples start fighting in two years!

My girlfriend: Don`t. Don`t raise your voice.
Me: No I didn`t! I didn`t raise my voice at all!

My girlfriend: Now you are. Why are you shouting?
Me: If you get unreasonable, what do I do?

My girlfriend: See….I told you…you aren`t the same anymore.
Me: Ohh God. What makes you think so?

My girlfriend: Don`t raise your voice, I said.
Me: No sweetheart. I am not raising my voice.

My girlfriend: You don`t have to say that so loudly. I am NOT deaf.
Me: I know you are not deaf of ears….

My girlfriend: See…sarcasm again.
Me: Ohh my God. Tell me what I have to do to make you happy!

My girlfriend: Just be yourself.
Me: Baby, I am being myself.

My girlfriend: No, this isn`t the man I loved.
Me: I am just myself. How can a man who lives for 100 years change drastically in 2 years?

My girlfriend: You never used to argue with me earlier.
Me: I am not arguing!

My girlfriend: Don`t shout!
Me: I am not shouting!

My girlfriend: I think you want to dump me.
Me: No I don`t. Why would I? This started as a casual conversation and here we are talking of dumping?

My girlfriend: Yes. That`s what you want to do…and I can feel that.
Me: What makes you feel that?

My girlfriend: I donno….I just know.
Me: How can you know ….when you donno…

My girlfriend: I donno…
Me: Ok fine. So what should we do? You suggest.

My girlfriend: Take a one-week break, maybe?
Me: I am fine with the idea, if that`s what you want.

My girlfriend: I don`t want that. I am just doing it for you.
Me: What??!!

My girlfriend: Yes. Let us take a break, if that`s what you want.
Me: Ok fine.

My girlfriend: Now you being sarcastic…
Me: How can “Ok fine” be sarcastic?

My girlfriend: I donno…
Me: I donno too sweetheart. But bye.

My girlfriend: Bye.
Me: Yes, take care. Call me if you feel like calling me.

My girlfriend: See…you are being sarcastic about my feelings now.
Me: Yes, I was.

*Thank God my phone`s charge went off. Else, you would have been forced to read two more pages of mindless conversation.

**Men out there, beware of women. They are complex. Worse than the Algebra that you dreaded in school.

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By Jamshed V Rajan

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28 replies on “A phone conversation with my girlfriend”

Belive it or not sometimes my girl friend also talks like that. it is difficult to not get angry 🙂

*she also reads this blog. lol.

It’s really a story going on everywhere. I few days ago I was talking with a friend(girl) of mine, and in the 5 minute conversation we had, she was trying to convince me that i have changed or something has happened to me, but whenever i asked, what has changed abt me, no answer……

Salil…not really mate. while the break is welcome….my heart goes out to my girl friend…what would she be feeling now? After giving me a break…wouldn’t she be waiting patiently for my call? For that same “Hi” that seemed sarcastic at some point?

hey jammy we girls are not always like this and whenver we are it is not because we want to. what to do God made us so.

if we were not like this life would have been so easy for everybody and valuable lessons would not be learnt

jammy, u hv changed.
what is this post 🙁
all gurlz like this
no no nooooooo
we want baby rhea post.
now now now!

er.. my 3rd sentence was:
are gurlz like this!

see , you have changed and made me err!
its all due to you…
now write a good rhea post. now!

hello..m a long time reader but this is the first time i am commenting..
this one was too gud! fell off my chair laughn..
thou being a girl this shldnt be wat i ought to say but yea v do behave tht wat at times..wat to do..we jst ..”donno”:)

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Well! I do that to my boyfriend too. And end up feeling stupid. Now i know I dont have to. Its not my fault. I was made that way. I am supposed to be illogical and unreasonable. Thanks Jammy.

its something interesting!!
I mean being a girl, I too did this to my best frnd(guy)..
bt never ever realized it…!!
After reading this conversation I can understand his state of mind
when I was behaving of same kinna girl!!
I dunno he reads this blog or not…bt M sincerly sorry for dat!!
& swear not to repeat it wid any of my frnds or relatives!

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