Why is it “Before Christ”?

Pity! The historians didn`t go by his first name. If only the historians had gone by Jesus Christ`s first name…it would have been B.J. and not B.C..

If you aren`t literate enough, let me explain. B.C. stands for ‘Before Christ` (and A.D. stands for ‘After Death`)…and if only instead of ‘Christ`, the historians had taken his first name ‘Jesus` and made it B.J. ….I could have easily fooled Rhea (my daughter) that by B.J. the historians meant ‘Before Jammy.`

*I am sure the Satan in you is thinking that B.J. stands for something else too!

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  1. Hi Jammy,
    I always wondered if BC was Before Christ why did they not name the latter period AC or After Christ – just to be symmetrical?
    The Satan in me did think that BJ stood for Black Jack, silly me..

  2. I reiterate:
    Muahahaha! Funky Pants strikes again.

    AD isn’t After Death. It’s TRULY ‘Anno Domini’.

    If BC was Before Christ and AD was After Christ, where do you think the 30 odd yeas of Jesus’ life went?

    *Says to oneself, “Dummy!”*

  3. Hi:
    AD expands into ‘Anno Domini’ – that means ‘in the year of Lord’, starting from his birth. So, BC rightly means ‘before Christ’.

  4. Hello Mate,

    A.D stands for Anno Domini, meaning in the year of the Lord and not After Death….

    Shall send you more such useful info once in a while when I am so absolutely jobless.

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