Lateral Thinking – 5

Here goes a lateral thinking puzzle which will force you to think laterally:

As all women, the one in question also came home after a long day`s work at office. Since it was evening…and dark out side…she switched on the light in her living room.

She was horrified…completely horrified…to see the remains of her husband on the newly bought carpet. He had committed suicide.

Ignoring what had happened; the woman had a cup of tea and went about her housework. She didn`t phone for medical assistance or police help. Why not?

He/she who can answer this question correctly will win a glossy, signed, life-size poster of the World`s most misunderstood genius – Mr Jammy. Why misunderstood? Because nobody thinks I am a genius.

Update: Arun got it right in the first comment. Check Right Answer

Update from office
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  1. Maybe the “remains” were just that – remains aka. Ashes.
    So if the ashes were kept in an urn and the urn had tubmed over spilling the ashes all over the carpet, then the right thing for her to do is to “go about doing her housework”.


    And thanks, but no thanks, no need for the photograph..but generous of you to offer tho’:-)

  2. What i belie its the remains here is talked bout are his cloths and shoes which every man leave in the drawing room. and its the wife’s thought that he by doing this on her new carpet he has committed suicide. so goes on with her daily chores 🙂

  3. Cause when she went close, she realized that it wasn’t her husband. It was the man she killed yesterday and forgot to dispose his body away. She had a bad memory.

  4. I thought, “She” and “her” were two different people. She being she and “her” being the girl / woman in her favourite Television serial which was on when “she” entered the house.


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