How and when Jammy gets insulted

In recent times my HR has been asking me to interview candidates for the few Product Manager openings ibibo has (and if you are interested, mail me your resume. If you get selected, I can always throw you a party with the referral money I make). Mind you, interviewing candidates is a difficult task…sometimes insulting too.

I wouldn`t reveal the candidate`s name, but you should know that she had an awesome resume. From the resume, I could also make out that she had been active in the blogging scene since 2003 – the year I had started blogging.

After introducing myself as JV Rajan , I asked her: “You have been an active blogger since 2003….do you have any favourites amongst the top Indian bloggers?”

The Sperm Insult

This is what I would call ‘The Sperm Insult’

“I love Amit Agarwal, Rashmi Bhansal & Amit Varma.” The lady knew her subject.

Not one to give up so soon, I insisted: “Any humor blogger you like?”

“Hmmm…I love Great Bong and Point Blank. Not to mention Swadeshe of Rahul Razdan, who I heard works for your company.”

I was shocked. I was under the impression everybody in this universe read Ouchmytoe and loved it. Here was a girl – a pretty one at that – who didn`t even mention Ouchmytoe in the top three.”

I persisted: “Have you heard of this humor blog called”

“What is the name of the guy?” She enquired.

“Some guy called Jammy.” I tried to control myself. In moments like this, it didn`t help to knit your brow and give the game away.

“Nah…never heard of it.”

I lost all interest in conducting the interview and went thro` the motions as a corpse in the Hollywood movie ‘Return of the Zombies`.

After 30 torturous minutes, we called it quits and went our own ways. I was able to manage myself because this definitely wasn`t the first time I was being insulted.

The last time, I remember was during lunch. Three of the people reporting into me (when I was with Satyam Computers, Chennai) were in a discussion. I just happened to over hear them because I was sitting at the next table…with my back to them.

Reportee 1: I think it isn`t Jammy`s mistake. His father shouldn`t have told his mother that night that he was feeling excited.

Reportee 2: ha ha ha…agree with you. You know, he is good….so good that when we manage to hang him, I would like a piece of the black cloth we put around his face.

Reportee 3: I would also like a piece then. I could frame and hang it on my drawing room wall.

Reportee 2: You know, I treasure every moment he isn`t in office.

Reportee 1: Me too. In fact, I think he should go to a mind-reader everyday and save us the trouble of seeing him in office daily.

Reportee 3: And for all we know…the mind-reader might only charge half the price.

Reportee 2: Man…I hate him so much …I wish I could flush him down.

Reportee 1: You mean, like a used toilet paper?

Reportee 2: No…like shit! That`s what he is full of anyways.

My sincere apologies, I an unable to re-produce the whole conversation here because I couldn`t sit there listening to all this talk. But then I am not alone – anybody would find the lunch revolting if the discussion bordered around shit!

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By Jamshed V Rajan

Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at or message him at +919650080255.

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The higher you are on the management stair the more of the insults you have to face. and among the six blogs you have mentioned above i have got just rashmi bansal in RSS reader. though i cam to this world of blogging last year.

Hey Jammy,

Chill dude…btw, I think I know dis girl u interviewed.

I think I remember metioning u in one of the conversations. Dunno, if she forgot. 😉


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