Can you put words into my mouth?

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Come on…give it a shot. Give me a line or two I can put in that speech bubble.

Too shy? Let me set the ball rolling –

From Jammy: “Hey guys, check out my Bugs Bunny teeth!”

Image Courtesy: Uma Iyer (check out her Ibibo office photographs – will help you decide between joining Ibibo now or joining it later 🙂


Thanks to Sooraj (who left a comment asking if there was a prize), there is a prize involved here! The amount is a measly Rs 500 (a DD will be sent to the winner’s residence).

There are some conditions though –

# I should get at least 30 comments to this post
# I should get at least 20 sentences for the speech bubble

The method of selection –

Out of the 20+ sentences Jammy will pick the top ten and readers of this blog will then vote for the best

By Jamshed V Rajan

Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at or message him at +919650080255.

45 replies on “Can you put words into my mouth?”

Sooraj: There definitely is a prize…of Rs 500 (I will courier the DD to the winner’s address.

But the prize will be announced only if I get at least 30 captions to choose from (and these 30 captions should come from at least 20 different people)

*evil grin*

Hah!! So they think they can get away with making me an office boy??!! lemme hide in this cubicle and scare the living daylights outta Uma Iyer!!!

*repeat evil grin* *click*

Me.. the winner of the “Red and White” Bravery award for marrying Rekha…
Now get me a “Red and White” please…

first of i would like to say raj that you have grown up like a big fat hen – see your photo in the corner of blog and over here oh ma… !!

words in your mouth – “hey friends my baby smiled at me today” [she was only smiling at her mom till today ;)]

With the other hand not in view

“You’d think mine is thisss big… but actually its just the length between my thiumb and index finger!”

Cha…en neraicha mudiyai yaarum parkalainnu nenachen..pathuteengala!! gha..ah..ah..ha..ha(Jammy’s laugh).

Do u need translation?

Shee..i never guessed u guys would see my grey hair..did u? gha..ah..ah..ha..ha(Jammy’s laugh).

1) “If I speak in one speech bubble, it will be like speaking in 100 speech bubbles”

2) “Speak to my hand”

3) “This hand, I will not give you because my name is not Thakur. I believe you are looking for Sanjeev Kumar”

can u believe that i went home downing 6 pegs the other day and Rekha puked the next morning… Im puke free since 95!!! Cheers!

1. “I am showing mine, now you show yours. (Teeth, you stupid!)”

2. “Say Hi before I let out my suppressed burp”

3. “I have 5 (fill in anything – gfs, cars, iPhones!), how about you?”

4. “Main Hoon Don!”

5. “Hey, aati kya khandala …is maamu ke saath?”

wondering how he gets time to do all this ?jammy do you steal company’s time ?thinking to copy paste your blog format in my future site (have’nt yet any) and compete with u !

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