Can you put words into my mouth?

If you have come in from Samachar.com, you might want to read the below given funny posts –
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Come on…give it a shot. Give me a line or two I can put in that speech bubble.

Too shy? Let me set the ball rolling –

From Jammy: “Hey guys, check out my Bugs Bunny teeth!”

Image Courtesy: Uma Iyer (check out her Ibibo office photographs – will help you decide between joining Ibibo now or joining it later 🙂


Thanks to Sooraj (who left a comment asking if there was a prize), there is a prize involved here! The amount is a measly Rs 500 (a DD will be sent to the winner’s residence).

There are some conditions though –

# I should get at least 30 comments to this post
# I should get at least 20 sentences for the speech bubble

The method of selection –

Out of the 20+ sentences Jammy will pick the top ten and readers of this blog will then vote for the best

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