Self made PJs

These are originals and not lifted from anywhere. When somebody as intelligent as Jammy sits down and comes up with PJs, he is bound to raise some heavy questions. For example –

Do dining chairs actually dine?

(I say heavy questions because of the font size and nothing else)

Here are more –

Why does Gillette`s Mach III have three blades?
Fans have three blades too…did anybody complain?

Why are they called Bean Bags?
Coz they have bean there and done that!

How do you have porn flakes?
Easy. Pour milk into a cup, drop some corn flakes & watch ‘Angels on fire`.

Does Hell have seasons?
If yes, how do they kindle the fire during rain?

If wind mills are powered by wind, why are rice mills only powdered by rice?

“New broom sweeps well.”
How does the broom know it is new? Shouldn`t the phrase go: ‘Individual with new broom sweeps well`?

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