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On August 9, Seshu Karthick, a MS from University of Texas at Dallas, sent me a mail which unfortunately landed in my SPAM folder. Today while cleaning up the folder I found his mail.

Seshu says that Ouchmytoe.com`s articles inspired him to build a web application which would cater to people`s creative needs (or bring out the creativity in them).

I can`t re-produce his mail ‘as is’ because I haven`t sought his go-ahead yet…but I can’t help displaying (most will call it ‘show off`) one paragraph of the mail, where he says Ouchmytoe articles were his inspiration.

One fine day while reading your blog posts, I started to think… How about a web-app for encouraging people to write wit-filled creative articles (similar to the posts at Ouch-My-toe). They are sure refreshing, and bring out our creative abilities to think. Several of your blog posts were key to forming of the base idea for my web2.0 application. I wanted to thank you for all that…

Seshu…my apologies for responding so late. Also, I went thro` www.SayWit.com and I have to tell you that I was impressed. Ouchmytoe wishes its blood relation the very best!


On August 10, S4n705h (don`t look at me like that …I didn`t make that up) and Chriz tagged me. Was really tied up and couldn`t continue the tag. My apologies. But if anybody wants to fake me – like they did for Steve Jobs – go ahead and continue the tag. I wouldn`t mind.

S4n705h & Chriz: Thanks guys!


On August 13, this site introduced the Ouchmytoe widget for your blog/website. According to latest analytics being given by Musestorm.com, 126 blogs are carrying the widget…but I think the data is wrong. Ouchmytoe isn`t that big a blog yet. I would be surprised if five blogs are carrying the widget.

The three blogs on which I spotted the widget (via Musestorm, of course) are:



  1. Hi Jammy,

    MuseStorm team here, thanks for using our widget!
    Shoot us an email and we’ll explain exactly what you are seeing in the widget reports.
    (reports at musestorm dot com)

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