My failed attempt to spice up the series

Tomorrow at 11 a.m. or so, I will be working on the 3rd part of the ‘When I was the villain’ series. Here is your chance to make the ‘story ending’ difficult for me – leave a word or phrase I should include in the third part of the series. Would be great if one reader leaves only one word/phrase.

I will try and include a many words and phrases as possible…and ensure they don’t read like force fits. By suggesting words/phrases, you will be contributing to the story’s end. After all, I can’t use the word ‘funeral’ without killing one of the characters!

Warning: Words like B*&^%%$, F&^&%$#$, I*&^$#, D$#@&, O&^%$% and Q@#%&*&^% can’t be left in the comment box.


I did try using the words suggested…but it was pathetic to read. In order to maintain the Ouchmytoe tradition, I had to let down the readers and write the final part of the series without using any of the words. Please note that if some of the words/phrases have made it to the article…it is purely unintentional.

Going by the words suggested…I sure under-estimated the intelligence of the Ouchmytoe readership. A stupid writer doesn’t always get a stupid audience.

PS: Will try and come up with separate article using the words suggested.

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